Cooking Craze - A Kitchen Game Recenzje App

Love it

Need new levels

Low Return

When the goal is reached and the payout is one spoon - it’s really not worth it. Another BigFish game created without much thought for the player. Graphics are small and a number of levels are built to require the use of spoons to extend game play. This isn’t sour grapes as I have max levels for all cities. If a player can’t get out of a level - it should be because of skill - not because the player didn’t have enough spoons.

Fun but slow to level up

Love the game, but feel I have to spend money to get past some of the cooking phases. And we wait forever for a new level to be completed.

Done with this game

I loved playing this game and actually spent quite a bit of money to keep playing but now I am in Mexico and it's almost impossible to advance, it's a big money pit, too bad, I did enjoy it.

This is so Unacceptable

This game crashes all the time can you please find a way to fix this I’m tired of going in to the app to only get kick out of it doesn’t make any sense 😡


Finished Mexico! Are ya’ll making more cities??

Continually crashes

My game crashes when I am in the middle of a game. It causes me to loose a heart. So very frustrating. Can this be fixed?


I have been playing for awhile. At first, I didn’t mind the occasional purchase to help with the game, but both Rio and now Bangkok have taken the fun out of play...I find myself playing less and less. I play for fun not frustrations. Sorry loved it at first not so much now! Still not playing very much anymore..Bangkok levels are awful, sad they took a fun game and made it a drag!

Waiting for update

Finished New Mexico wandering when the update is? My friend plays this game and hers updated to the Christmas one ?

Where is the new city ?

The game is Love awesome ! But when it’s time to get to a new city I.T takes forever for them To make a new one. I been finished Mexico for about a week now still no new city 🤷🏽‍♀️

Love it

Very fun game! Makes my pregnant self crave for donuts and milk shakes!


When you serve to one person it goes to someone else

Was loving this

I was loving this game but since the update you no longer get coins unless you win the level. So, you can't upgrade and therefore can't win the level. I have been stuck so I don't play anymore.

A fun game

Addictive and fun.

Before this last update

I would have given this app 5 stars. However, not being able to keep the money you earned on failed levels is ridiculous. It is also an obvious money-grab. I don't mind making in-app purchases (and have done so many times with this app), however, it needs to be MY choice; not something that is forced on me in order to advance. You guys are getting as bad as King.

Mexico City level brings game from 5* to 2*

The game has been amazing until now. Would have given it a 5 star rating You lose all the coins you earn if you don’t pass the level? So there is no way to upgrade no matter how long you play. I understand developers gotta make money, but this just stupid! I am sure people will still play the game because it’s fun but don’t change the game rules because you haven’t developed the next level yet!!!

Love the game BUT

Like so many others I'm stuck and it's not possible to pass the levels without boosts that you must pay for. It's a great game but I'm not paying money to lose. Even with boosts some levels are just impossible to pass without buying extended time. Would have been 5 stars if I could progress. **UPDATED** well, you listened and made some levels easier, but I still spent $10 (not too upset, I wanted to play a lot that day and it was before I had a lot of FB friends sending me lives and boosts.) BUT now I'm completely finished and there seems to be no new location coming anytime "soon" so my star rating doesn't change. And if you are an iOS user, you get to wait for the updated city.

Used to be fun

Latest update prevents you from earning money on failed levels. Some levels with perfect play it still will be impossible to pass unless boosters are used. An obvious attempt to get you to purchase spoons. Deleting.

Great game but gets too difficult?

I REALLY enjoyed the game until I got to Rio. It’s impossible! I feel like I will have to play all the time and lose just in order to collect money for super expensive upgrades. Maybe then I will be able to pass levels 13 and up at Rio.

Money grubbing developers

DO NOT grubbing developers!

Money earned doesn’t work for me

I thought maybe I wasn’t using all the game features but I see every reviewer has the same complaint as me. Coins don’t carry over city to city, after you use all the upgrades there isn’t much else to do with the money earned; games don’t give enough customers to complete a session; double tapping throws the food in the trash... Not fun anymore


I was stuck at a level of the frog legs restaurant and there was nothing I could do to advance without spending real money! The cost of upgradeable equipment went up and the chance to earn money went down. Hard to get blue spoons and 35 are needed to continue a stuck level? I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME. I HAVE PLAYED IT FOR AWHILE AND DEVELOPERS HAVE BECOME GREEDY. too bad

Fun but Crashes WAY TOO MUCH

This app is fun to play but I like to binge play games and this app crashes WWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much. Also, it takes forever just to get the app running, after I click on the icon, I'm starring at a black screen for at least 30 seconds, more or less. Other than, the different levels are cool as well as the restaurant upgrades.


I don't know if I'm the only one, but I may have a glitch of some sort in the game. I'll be playing and after EVERY level, and sometimes in the middle of a level, I get kicked out of the game completely. I've tried uninstalling and installing the game and still the same problem. I've also tried restarting my iPad and still I get kicked out. It's quite ANNOYING..

Blacks Out/Crashes/Freezes

The app blacks out/crashes/freezes during either of the following on my iPad: When loading, at the completion of the level, going to the next level or in the middle of playing. Something needs to be done in order to fix the problems. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy playing this game, but it just frustrates me when any of the above mentioned happens. The people that play this lose lives during this process.


I used to love playing Cooking Craze and spent a lot of money on spoons- which was ok because it was when I chose to, I wasn't forced. Since the newest update, I now don't earn coins for levels I don't beat. Extremely unfair and a bad business idea. I would have continued spending money on the game for fun, but now I feel like I'm being nickel-and-dimed. I'm sad because I really enjoyed playing; however, I refuse to play a game that suddenly decided to ignore customer service and blatantly wring Its players dry. For the record, I spent at least ten to twenty dollars a week, sometimes more. I'll look for another game until this changes back, if it ever does.

Started fun, but too hard to continue

Don't play games when I have to use real money to advance. Games not that fun. And suddenly, it was decided to make it even harder to play by adding the combo levels. Deleting game now.

Coming Soon

The ones that really like to play (and have made in-app purchases) would like to continue to play...speed it up!!! Tired of waiting!!!

Expensive and impossible

Level 87 using instant cook is impossible to pass the level still. I haven’t spent any money and I won’t. Too many games are money pits and this one is #1 in money pits. If it wasn’t for that it be a great game because I enjoyed it up until that the music is halfway decent the animations are Very entertaining.

Addicting and Fun

Update; still love it just as much as when I first downloaded the game. Great game for unwinding after a stressful day at work. My only complaint is not allowing accrued $$ to transfer between countries. Come rate even would be helpful. Not overly difficult, all tasks can be achieved with patience and NO need to feel obligated to buy coins. No ads. Great game!!

New Mexico update is not good

Update: Just got to the last restaurant in Mexico. $18000-20000 for an upgrade? Are you KIDDING me right now?! I love the game but the new Mexico update is terrible. Not only can we not earn coins from failed levels anymore, but the combo levels are stupid. I like to replay levels over and over again to keep earning more money and the levels that are later at each restaurant used to earn you a lot of coins if you were fast enough. Now a lot of the “extra shift” levels are these silly combo levels that only earn, at most, just under 300 coins. Stop getting greedy, guys. You’re ruining a great game.


Awesome game

Balancing is completely off

With each new update it seems that the balancing of the game is tweaked. In its current version it has been tweaked in such a way that thumbs up levels with timers are unbeatable without using premium currency. This is unacceptable. I’m going back to old levels to fulfill daily goals and it is literally impossible.


I LOVED this game. Until the last update. Now if you don’t pass a level you don’t get the coins that you earned on that level. It makes it impossible to buy upgrades that you need to pass said level unless you spend real money on spoons. I’ve bought a lot of spoons over the last couple of months but not anymore. I’m uninstalling this app.

Coming Soon - INDIA

I have passed all levels. I have 120/120 for all cities! I recently passed Mexico City! I request you bring the country of India in the game. Thanks!


I love this game. I’m in Tokyo and I’ve beaten every level up until this point. My only question is why can’t I use spoons to upgrade? My sister just downloaded this game and she can use the spoons to upgrade everything. I really just want to know why I can’t. 😕

Well I DID like it.....but now!!!

Not really fun anymore...It suddenly changed to where you can’t earn coins unless you win the round, and you can’t win the round without upgrades...which you need coins for...

Needs improvement

I agree with a lot of others. This is a great game but, I feel like it's unfair to earn money and it not roll over, need easier way to earn extra or infinite lives etc. Definitely need some changes made.


First off I love the game, it’s fun and very addictive. But on certain levels the time clock starts before the customer comes to the counter and it does allow you enough time to serve them. There’s no reason why I can’t serve 24 customers in 60secs on one level when I’ve done it on others. You need to fix level 37 3 tier in Paris. I feel like I’m being cheated out of my money, time, and lives.

Fix bugs

Game was fun all together until it blacks out and shuts down. If this happens, it keeps all the items you used as in spoons, coins or other perks you earn. Fix this issue please

Spent Money to Support Creators + One Problem

I have spent money on this game because I am an art student who has learned the time and efforts of all involved in the process of making an app - especially one like this. The thing that bothers me is that I will compete a level and the timer will end but a food will be on the brink of burning and I am penalized, even though the level had ended and the app just didn’t get to the completed level screen quick enough. This has happened many times and is very frustrating. I thought it was my fault but had a friend watch when it happened and took a screen shot of these incidents. Overall, I am terribly addicted to this game and am told to find a new one - but I can’t. So, great job on this game! Just please fix this silly issue that screws me over - when I clearly finish just before the timer is up. It has happened when I had completed the level - even 3-5 seconds on time before something burns! Keep up that great work.


It keeps freezing. So frustating!

Bugs with latest update

I really enjoy the game and its challenges. However, with this latest update on 12/6, when I am in the middle of a game, the app just closes out and shuts down losing a play. This is very annoying and frustrating! Please fix!

Money is useless once you upgrade

I like this game so I gave it 4 stars but once you purchase your equipment your money is useless. You can only buy lives and time with spoons. All the money you gather just sits there. I wish they would change that.


I looooove this game!! I haven’t reached a level that I couldn’t EVENTUALLY beat, I have an excessive amount of boosts and I’ve never had to spend real money on spoons because I don’t have any qualms about losing lives so I only use boosts when absolutely necessary. It’s a strategy game, so if you use all of your boosts to make the level easier you may end up spending real money but you can also play the daily challenge. I think this game is perfect just the way it is!! Having to start all over with money in each country is a bit of a gripe but is something that i think is necessary, otherwise the game would become too easy. The developers really put some effort into this game & thought of its customers and I am very appreciative of this because it is not something that is seen often in the App Store. That you for creating such a great game & not changing up!

Great Game

This is a very addicting game but yet has its cons. Like everyone gamer is asking why can’t we take the money with us from previous countries it’s already bad enough you have to play all three levels to get money. The ingredients you need to upgrade are twice as much you have little to play with. The game is starting to freeze after you feed five customers. Please fix this!

Fun game.... But it cheats

It’s a fun game, however there are a few things that drive me crazy! 1. The double tap trash thing. I have lost countless lives to this one especially in the timed levels when things are crazy and you are trying to get food to customers to keep them happy while finishing the level. Also when you serve customers with the same order it does not go to the first person who order it. Which makes you loose the level. 2. The power ups. For one they are too expensive 35 spoons to continue the level is crazy. Then when you use them you can still loose the round by 1 or 2 likes or 5 or 10 dollars. Which is infuriating! 3. The bonus round. I think it’s stupid that you loose a life or need a life to play. 4. Lost levels. We should get some coins even if we loose the level because as you progress the up grades become more expensive which you need to beat rounds that you are on.forcing you to do extra shifts and sometimes loosening life which is annoying. All in all it’s a fun game most of the time, but can be money hungry and annoying. It’s starting to get boring replaying old levels to save money to buy upgrades.

Keeps crashing

I may enjoying this game but it keeps crashing after I finish a level . If this continues I may have to stop playing it and I do like it a lot


I just started playing this game and so far I love it .

Timed events

In timed events to serve so many dishes in Rome/pizza I have noticed that do not send you enough customers, literally waited for that last person to slowly walk across and order, no one waiting on dishes, served 34 out of 38 dishes as the last 5 seconds ticked away with no more customers on their way.

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