Cooking Craze- Restaurant Game Recenzje App

An alright game

The game is very addicting but there’re problems that need to be fixed for Samsung it keeps turning off by itself when you’re opening a new level is it completely black with only the words showing and for the iPhone it turns on smoothly till the update is needed shows up and it won’t let you close it till you update it but when you press it the update isn’t showing at all

Some stages are set up for spoon grab.

The game is indeed fun and addictive and I genuinely enjoyed it. There are, however, many stages where it’s set up for a spoon grab. Spoons are in game currency that you can earn or buy. Some stage timers expire so quickly even though the game expects you to serve a set number of people. In many cases this can be overcome with using power ups that you can earn over time or buy with spoons. Usually it’s enough where you use power ups like crazy and you can overcome, but there are particular stages where the only recourse is to spend spoons on time extensions. If you don’t have spoons you’ll have to spend money or wait and inordinate amount of time to move forward. For me, that’s forcibly making me spend money. I understand, make a stage hard, but don’t make it impossible that the only solution is to spend money.

It’s amazing but...

I love this game still playing it, but some of the levels you have to use your powers like more costumers or more time, but it feels like the levels are making up buy spoons or money because I fully upgraded my supplies and I still don’t get enough money, so I have to buy spoons and money. So pls make the levels less difficult, so I don’t have to spend money.

Cooking Craze

I love this game I just don’t think it’s fair that we have to keep paying for updates but I enjoy playing and I spend a lot of money playing.

Not the best, but decent

It has the worst glitches, especially after the update. It freezes, and it won’t keep up with the customers you serve in a level. It used to be good, but now it’s completely glitched out making it not fun. I still hope they fix these glitches on the iPhone and any other that has the same glitches.

Like it a lot

It’s very hard, though, to make enough money for upgrades when you need the upgrades to continue in the game. I just finished New York and started on Paris, and I’m very disappointed that the money I had in New York didn’t transfer to Paris. Now I’m stuck in the catch-22 that I described. 🙁

Cooking crazy

Omg I love this game so much I just got it today it’s so relaxing and fun because make me feel like I can do things faster than I’ve ever done and the customers on the game I make them so happy and this is the best game ever so if you have a phone or iPhone or any kind of phone I recommend that you get this game because it’s an amazing game oh my God I just love this game so much everyone that the phone you must get this game

Can’t play

Can’t play any more it’s telling me to update but when I tap ok it takes me the App Store and theirs no update button just the open button and when I hit open it still says the say thing to update... Please can you fix it I love this game... Thank you

Not good enough

I really don't like this game once you complete the first New York then go to Paris no matter how hard you try you will never win the level they just fool you and make you look like your not good enough for every level they want a lot from you in this game so don't download it unless you want to break your phone a cooking game should NEVER be this hard 😒

Unlimited bank accounts only

Game is definitely fun, but the fact that you have to spend so much money is ridiculously annoying. I’ve spent at least 20 bucks and it didn’t go far. Once you get to breakfast you are spending 6k on egg pans, 7k to make enough pancakes. 3000 dollars for orange juice. Make it more balanced. Also can I choose when I want to use my unlimited lives? Right now I’m writing this review and wasting my 30 minutes. Two stars because of graphics and gameplay that’s it, the rest of the game zero!!!!! Big fat zero!! Stop being greedy!!!! How about you charge for the actual game and make everything much cheaper, and don’t make me run out of time or don’t send enough customers.


So addictive


I think this is a good interesting game but all of the reviews sums up this review so read the others to get my review of this game thank you for your time

Combo levels are Impossible!!!!

Idk if it’s just me but the combo levels are IMPOSSIBLE to complete! I can’t even move on sometimes because I’ll end up getting stuck on a combo level and I won’t have any more boosts or spoons left to help me win the levels. Get rid of them or I’m deleting the game

Not happy

Why does it say update the app when there’s no update please fix what’s the problem!!!


ok , so I love this game. It’s addicting on a phone and even more addicting on an iPad. I wish that they redo it to where I am the just the cook and i had waitresses . I would love for it to be a 3D. Restaurant game. It’s amazing game !! 🧡

Sooo fun

Sooooo can’t n

Cooking Craze

I like it

U would get this

I looooooove this game it rocks



Glitch in the 15 rows mission

The game is great and love many things like Thur cultural exchange for food and graphics. However, this mission didn't give me the gift after I completed all 15 missions in one row. It did ask me if I want to go from 15 to 20 rows for more prizes. I did choose to go on 20 rows, then the mission got disappeared. Not fair.

Cant say anything bad about it 🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ok honey first I love it it’s such a good app u don’t even have to worry about it catching on fire 🔥 (the 🍩 donuts ) and the people don’t even get mad like from cooking fever the people get mad so easily and the food takes so so long to be ready so I actually bought it and I hated it then I saw a ton of ads about cooking craze so I bought it and loved it bye


You would have to be Bill Gates to play this game. Bonuses are horrible, coins won’t transfer from New York to Paris. Spoons you only get 3 per level and you need 50 just to buy each bonus.

Fun But Not Player Friendly

I've been playing for a month and want to post my review of the game. The first thing is it's a fun game at a fast pace of play with many different levels, different countries and different food to serve as you complete the levels. The game does offer bonuses but they are difficult to win. Now the negatives: you play daily and get a daily gift for the first 7 days. After day 7 it reverts back to day 1 instead of day 8 which would give a better gift. I think this might be a glitch that needs to be fixed. Next is the issue with achievements being ridiculously high, for example: you need to serve 200,000 customers to receive the achievement award or 200,000 in tips to receive the reward. Extremely high compared to a lot of other games. Next is the time to get lives is set for 30 minutes per additional life. Why not 20 minutes? Oh because if you are having fun playing you will pay the extra money to purchase additional lives. I've done this twice and now I just go play another game and wait out the timer or play the next day. This game is all about getting your money which is unfortunate. Like I said it is fun but there are things that can be fixed to have a much friendlier playing experience and possibly than someone like me or many others that complain about this being a money pit might want to play more and spend the extra few bucks. Make it fair to the players and not just your deep pockets. For now I'll play daily but won't spend no more of my money. I'll just go play a different game which is similar to this one. Thank you.

Tired of paying a ransom to win

Boosters, Boosters, Boosters. While I understand that money has to be paid to support games, I’m tired of paying for this one. The last few Tokyo levels are impossible to win without boosters, especially since, on the timed levels, 5-6 seconds passes on the clock before you even know what the customer wants. Also, you have daily challenges that require extra shifts, but you aren’t offered extra shifts unless you repeatedly pass levels that are impossible to pass without boosters.


So far it’s enjoyable as most of the cooking games I’ll play are but as they progress they start costing more more money to play or get anywhere the game. We’ll see how this one goes

Great game


Can’t play without spoons

This game is great. I love the detail and mechanics. However, as I progress, there’s more and more pressure to have, spoons. Spoons can be obtained (very few at a time) or bought. Now I’m at the point in the game, where I have to have spoons to buy perks in order to pass levels. Quite sneaky and greedy.


Very enjoyable

Never Playing Again

I Downloaded This Game And Had Started Playing Every Single Day Non-Stop. I Truly Enjoyed It. The Layout Was Nice, It Was Colorful And It Was A Great Pass-time. I Get Through NY Level, Buy All My Kitchen Upgrades And Save Almost 100k Coins Only To Get To The Paris Level And Have To Start All Over.!!!!! Smh This Wouldn’t Be All That Bad However The Paris Levels Are Harder, You Earn Less Coins, And The Kitchen Upgrades Cost So Much.! I Understand The Next Level Is Supposed To Be Harder But This Is Ridiculous Lol. It’s A Shame I Completed Over 100 Challenges (THREE TIMES OVER) Only To Have To Leave All Those Coins In NY. There Needs To Be Some Sort Of Currency Exchange Added To The Game And It Needs To Be Free To Do.

Cooking FUN

This will be good for children’s future

Cooking crazy all day!


Too expensive

I just paid my last money on spoons when levels are too hard to pass without mega money. Done

Avoid!! Scam game.

Game is nothing but a headache. Basic game. You can’t choose who your dish goes to. Obviously programmed to scam money!

Need Internet to Use Now??

👎👎👎 one of the things I loved about this game was that it could always be played Offline. Haven’t opened it in a few days, Halloween update & now it won’t open while I’m offline. It Now asks me to check my internet connection & won’t let me leave that screen.


This could be a fun game if it wasn’t for all the frustrating glitches. The Paris section is a nightmare of glitches. Sometimes it seems overly generous and too easy to win and other times it cuts you off very prematurely or customers leave right when they get there before they are out of patience making it impossible to pass the level. Other times there aren’t mathematically enough customers to win. Would give this more stars if not for these odd issues.


There is a HORRIBLE LAG since the most recent update! For example, when you click to serve a drink nothing happens. You have to click the drink about 6 times before it is served! Until this lag is fixed this game is UNPLAYABLE! ☹️

Can’t buy spoons with coins!

Need to spend money to be successful. You should be able to purchase spoons with coins instead of having to spend real money. Or give more spoons per level instead of one or two with each win. Some levels are necessary to have a boost and it’s very hard to accumulate enough spoons. Seems like the game is really just making it hard so you can spend money on spoons 👎🏽👎🏽


How are you supposed to get friends?

No game play

I had this game on a ZTE phone and it ran very good now I have a I phone and now the game game won’t start up I take all my stars back

Great game, but...

Update: I’m deleting this game. There are so many levels that you don’t get enough customers to win without boosters, and I’m tired of trying to remember which ones they are. It completely takes the fun and challenge out of the game. What probably happened is, some marketing manager wanted to test whether customers will spend more if some levels are unwinnable. And they will, at first, probably because they didn’t realize that it wasn’t just difficult to win, but impossible. So this was done, probably over objections by the developers, who got into this because they wanted to make fun games. But what that person doesn’t realize is, people will figure it out and quit, and your little stats and charts won’t show that. The current strategy treats customers as disposable- get every dollar you can from someone, until they realize the levels aren’t winnable without paying and they quit. Then, on to the next sucker. There are a limited number of people willing to spend on a game. Alienate them, and they’re gone for good. What happens when you’ve worked through everyone willing to pay? Why, make Big Fish Farming Craze, of course! But people will already know you make scam games with unwinnable levels, so good luck with that 😑 I won’t be playing it. —- Well done, fun game. However, there are too many levels you don’t even get enough customers to win. That’s ridiculous- winning a level should not require using boosts. I’m taking off 3 stars from this otherwise 5 star game for that- it’s a scam. When I run out of free boosts, I will stop playing- I’m willing to spend money on games, but not when it’s rigged so you MUST pay to advance. The difficulty level is uneven, and you end up playing many levels and wasting lives on levels that are unwinnable without using boosts. Or, you may not be able to win until you buy a bunch of upgrades. Basically, the game would benefit from a smooth progression that allows you to upgrade smoothly. As it is, you play a bunch of easy to average levels, then you get to a place where you can’t win unless you play old levels over and over until you can buy several upgrades.

Not fair

Not fair


Finally a game you don’t HAVE to pay to play or watch endless ads. It’s sometimes annoying to go back and play easy “extra shifts” to get coins to upgrade to move forward, BUT I don’t have to pay! It’s totally easy to just play, not watch ads, and still challenge yourself! I love this game!

Fun fast game but we need our coins.

Great game. I play it everyday. It would be nice if we can take the coins/money from one city to another. Afterall when travelling, you need money. The game loads quite slow sometimes.


Why do I hVe to pass a level 3 times to get the token and I just got my 15 th person and it didn’t coun I have been playing this game for a year and I am about to delete it if I don’t get my credit signed annoyed user✨

Foodie fun

So cute

Fun until...

You need spoons sometimes but the only way to get enough is paying actual money. There are too many levels you have to play to get to the next restaurant, that gets boring after you’ve done all the upgrades already. The tiers for each level are ridiculous. When being forced to play the same levels (extra shifts) it drains the fun out of a would-be good time passer game. Time for a new app already.

Steals the diamonds AKA YOUR MONEY

The game has stolen like 50 plus diamonds from me after I upgrade and then I have to try and get em again blah blah blah. I’ve been playing this game for a while and I’m not wasting anymore money because it’s stealing it technically .thanks for the waste of time to!


This is bad service. Why do I keep haven to pay for the same game I already paid for

So much fun and a great challenge

This game has provided me hours upon hours of entertainment. Graphics are awesome, visually it’s beautiful, and the concept is so fun. The level progression is great and provides a good challenge. My one issue is with specific challenges. Too often a level is incompletable without using boosts. I used to think it was due to kitchen upgrading. I would wait until I absolutely had to before upgrading anything but when levels became impossible upgrading seemed to fix everything. But since Mexico City and now all three cities since then the struggle is worse and doesn’t get fixed with kitchen upgrades. Timed levels are very challenging but it seems if I play the level enough I can eventually pass it. But combo earning levels and often coin earning levels don’t provide enough customers to pass. I found sometimes its the same thing as just playing it over and over until magically, for some reason, it magically starts with a different number of customers and I exceed the goal. I’m not sure what causes this and I dislike have to use my infinite times lives playing 1 level 40 times but that is what it seems to comes down too. If this is deliberate it’s not cool, and if it’s a bug fix it!! Overall I’m extremely satisfied with this game and still enjoy playing very much.

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