Cooking Craze- Restaurant Game Recenzje App

Fast paced fun

Love the game, it’s fast and fun. Unlike most games like this it doesn’t charge you EVERY step of the game

Fun but easy to forget

This a pretty fun game and I could play it for hours if possible, but that’s not possible due to the limited lives and the length it takes to regenerate lives. I loved when I got the short period of infinite line (30 mins I think). I played the entire time I had that. I’m already growing impatient and am currently looking for better game options. If you have the patience, definitely download it and play, it is a fun game.


It was good but when I reach sushi level 1 of the ingredients (salmon suchi) doesn’t exist I don’t from where I can got it plzzz Waiting for your reply Thank you


This is a super fun game and I like this one better than Cooking Fever!


Give us more options to win levels faster and to upgrade or boost. I don’t like that the money doesn’t roll over.

Good game to have fun with

and I always be playing it

Be prepared to spend some serious money

I’ve been obsessed with this game for a few months and have regrettably spent at least $200 to get spoons to progress to further levels. I’ve just reached the Mexico City level and couldn’t even make it past the first level (each level has three tiers), which normally is the ABSOLUTE simplest of each city. In fact, the first restaurant of each city is primarily easy so that you can build up money to progress through the city. Mexico City is extremely different. Not only did I have to use at least 300 spoons to make it past the first 10 levels (again, the easiest possible levels of a city), I reached level 11 to find out that it’s a combo level which apparently means you make no in-game money off of anything unless it is part of a combo which means a single customer ordering 3 items at once. To pass level 11, you only have to make 95 dollars/coins. Between 8 customers, there was literally 1 single customer that ordered a combo so I couldn’t get past 45 dollars/coins. Even after using two rounds of spoons for extra customers, they each were ordering 1-2 items so it was literally not possible to pass the level. I’m assuming if I sat there and kept spending more and more I wouldn’t have passed until I had used a few hundred more spoons. I’ve known for a long time that this game is just primarily a money grab but this was the point that I’ve completely quit and deleted this app. The creators are incredible with their shameless money grabs. This game is incredibly addicting and, if you choose to start buying spoons, I would warn you to stop now because you will spend an incredible amount of money to make it through the game. I would highly discourage anyone from playing.

Great game

This is a great game and challenging game and I love it

Great game with some needed work

I absolutely love this game, but there are a few things I would change. 1. When I finished the first location, I had lots of money I couldn’t spend when transferring to Paris. I wish that there was a money converter, where you could change US money to Paris money, Paris money to Rome money, and so on. 2. I would also like to buy boosts in a singular way. To buy price doublers, you need to buy 3 at a time which costs a lot of spoons. I wish there was a way though to just buy one boost rather than three.

Fun, challenging, and addictive!

The title of my comment says it all. Just when I feel like I’m never going to beat a level, boom, I finally do it and it’s a cool feeling lol It’s like I’m a teenager again playing super Mario all night and finally rescued by the princess!! I thought it might be cool to add a bonus at the end for leaving a clear there’s no food left cooking or prepped when the game ends. I know I always try to clear all the food off, not sure why, lol, but I thought hey, that’d be a cool bonus at the end for not wasting food and keeping your restaurant making a profit ☺️


It takes a long time to earn spoons. So when I use them to buy three extra customers, I expect to be able to finish the level. It’s very frustrating when I still lose.

Amazing and addictive

So this is one of those games that doesn’t push buying anything and gives you almost no incentive to do so. You can grind which isn’t even that difficult. Anyone complaining about money are super lazy. This game allows you to play so many lvls over again to earn more coin. The new version of this Kitchen Craze which I think is a different company is a shell of this game. I love Coking craze. Kitchen craze the other game really pushes the money and is clearly tryna make a profit. This game is all game and these are the type of games I’ll spend a little money to support a great developer.


This games won’t even let me put coconuts or what ever they are on the donuts


I don’t think it’s appropriate to advertise gambling on a geared towards children.

Give us a break

In Paris and can’t beat levels. Im expected to make a certain amount of coins but I’m only given 2 customers and I fall way short. Either give us more customers or give us the tools to achieve the level. I’m stuck where I am because I can’t beat the current level or any of the extra shifts for the reason I’ve mentioned and reasons others have mentioned. Fix this because I’m quickly losing interest .

It's costs $13.68 to play this game. It is not free.

I guess nothing in life is free and definitely not this game. I order for me to continue to play this game, I HAD to pay $13.68. But it initially stated it was free. When it's time to update in the Bangkok portion of the game, be prepared to pay to play. Very upsetting.


It’s not updating😡and I can’t play

Amazing game

I love this game , its easy and interesting .i cant stop playing this game.

Recent update doesn’t work

After the new update a couple of days ago, the game will not download to play!! FIX THIS ASAP!!!!

Love the game but...

This is my all out favorite game. But the reason I had to knock off a star was I got to about level 65 and when I tried to open the game the next day, it wouldn’t let me back in. It just showed me a plate that was spinning next to a fork and knife. I checked my internet connection and made sure everything was working but it never worked again. Other then that, this is an amazing game and I would recommend it to other people. This is a minor bug I’m sure you can fix. This game is awesome.

Money n time

The money made doesn’t rollover and it’s so difficult building up your spoons. And I also think 35 spoons for extra costumers n extra so frustrating . And at some levels you can end up using 105 spoon just to pull through n it’s annoying. I need to still have access if I have not updated. It’s a very interesting game so you guys should do something about it


Bonuses should go past 5x combo. Otherwise I love it. Beautifully made!

This game is fun😎😎💩

I love this games it is very cool and very fun to make food without burning it....LOL 😂😂😅

Not enough customers

I like this game. It’s fun. I DON’T like that you don’t get enough customers to complete the level despite serving them all precisely and quickly. Level 21 in Paris is ridiculous. I’m not gonna spend money on your game if I’m being punished for playing it right. Doesn’t make sense to me. Fix it or I’m deleting.

Nice game

I like this game it's so good 👏🏻👍🏻😎

Glitches and lives :/

Like the challenges. Hate the limitations. Today was day (7) for me... I received infinite lives for 15 mins when I opened the cookies and then started playing. Didn’t even get past the first level and lives were gone.... didn’t last (15) minutes because the levels only last about a couple minutes... :/ Also, what is the deal with not letting us freely give others lives? We should be able to give away lives daily so friends have them. Sorry, would love to see more community in this game then there is. Not many bonuses, (1-2)spoons; that’s a joke.... especially when you need 35 or 300 to be able to do anything. Not really loving this game....

My opinion

I love this game but I wish the money that you earned would go with you on the plane to the next city and that you earned more money because to upgrade your food is expensive. Also a way to get more of the boosts would be nice ohhh and the amount of spoons you get is ridiculous they need to give more spoons and it takes to long to get a new life.. other than that I love it


I enjoyed this game and then it refused to load . The only was to play was to reinstall-since I had not saved on Facebook or a big fish account all my progress was lost.Really disappointing that glitches like that are so frustratingly impossible to get around.

They give you more time for less people

it should be the other way around I’ve been stuck on level 61 for five days now and I did do all the bonus rounds to make money to do all the upgrades and I still can’t pass the level because the reason why is I’m not making enough Money but all my upgrades are done and this one doesn’t have a timer on it so explain to me how do I advance to the next round to get to level 62 just crazy I’m losing interest in this game time to pick something else up


I love this game a lot. But on level 83 and 87 of New York I can't beat those two. And it's always by a few coins. Please make levels that are possible to beat, especially since I've upgraded everything that I can in that restaurant.

Game is fun enough that I actually took time to write a review

I really enjoy this game! My only complaint is how sometimes on timed levels (say serve 35 dishes in a minute) I feel like it sets you up for failure/the need to spend money to play by not giving you enough customers to serve so you run out of time, have to buy spoons (if you don’t have enough) and then it just gets frustrating. But other than that, it’s kept my attention so far. Lots of things to do; challenges, food rushes, birthday celebration, etc.

Love the game

I am in love with this game, it’s so addictive. However, my issue is the slow speed of the customers especially when time is running out. Why do they walk from one end to the other to order. There was also some glitches and the game froze and I lost a life. I love the variation of the cities and can’t wait for upcoming cities.

Best Game Ever

So fun you should get it😍😍I love it🍒🍒

Don’t buy spoons!!!!!

The game is fun and addictive. HOWEVER I made a mistake of buying spoons though and it is literally twice as hard. For example, on a low level in Paris that would have given 5 customers they just give 2 because you have to use more spoons to get more customers. It is a shame because it is a fun game.

Really enjoy this game and the help team is great

I really enjoy playing this game and the help team is awesome. I was playing this game a lot because I like the game play and am a big fan of cooking games. I like how this is a fast pace cooking game and that they have a lot of extra levels like for their first birthday. I had been playing this game a lot but one day it started having issues where when I opened the game it wouldn’t load past 50% and I couldn’t fix it. I went to their website and submitted the issue and they responded very quickly, releasing an update to fix it and now it works great!



Best cooking game ever!

I can’t explain I had this game for so long and I never ever got tired of it you should download it now like right now

Stopped loading

My game completely stopped loading and never came back one day and i’m forced to uninstall and lose everything , fix that!!!


Cool concept but I thought it would have more of a purpose 😕

Currently won’t open

Game is constantly stuck at a loading screen, haven’t been able to open now for a few days.

What do I do 🤷🏻‍♀️

I so love the game and have spent quite a bit of money on it but can’t get past Dublin. I know it’s supposed to be challenging but I can’t get any more faster than I already am and so I’ll never get through it, if something don’t change and I’m so addicted. Please help and/or tell me what to do. Faithful player

Asks for iTunes password

Since the latest update it now tries to ask for iTunes password when opening. This is the only app to do so and nothing gives any indication that I logged out of my account for it to need logged back in. Extremely suspicious.


I never write reviews and visited App Store to make certain I wasn't crazy. So, I'm not. . . Upon contacting customer service regarding development of new levels the response was similar to Russian game developers-lame but not broken English. I don't consider myself a 'gamer' but CC is a nice escape. I've even, shamefully, spent too much money. Spending money on a game, to me, is frivolous. However, if the expense comes with service I can justify. Service is awful, I'm a less than average gamer and I'm waiting on developers to provide the next level? C'mon guys, you aren't ready . . .

Fun at first

Fun to play, at first. It becomes very difficult to pass levels very early. I have spent 3 days playing "extra shifts" so I can earn enough points to buy upgrades so that I can move forward. But when you earn 300 points for an extra shift and an upgrade costs 9000, boredom will kill your desire to play and send you searching on the App Store

Not Good Enough

Get. It. Together. 👏🏻 This game has been down and unable to load for over 24 hours now. Do better.

Cooking crazy

Is anyone else have problems getting on the game? It just keeps down loading.Please help


Would be nice if I could get it to load... I’ve been playing for a long time and have spent more money than I should have.



Best game ever

Cool game

Cooking graze

I am obsessed with this game. it is so much fun I can’t stop playing. I enjoy new levels because you travel and prepare different cuisines . The bonus challenges provide an opportunity to win promos to help you achieve your goal. Give it a try 🍕🍔🍺🍷

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