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Cooking Craze

Good game overall challenging at times but I love makes you want to work harder

Serving food

Unable to serve food after stage 70 please fix game is fun

Good but could be better

Super fun simulation game! Great graphics and themes. Now that things aren't as impossible to beat, it only takes me ~5 hours to beat a location - it's taking 3+ weeks for new locations so I'm out of new levels to play. If nothing else, please release new levels more often!


I love playing this game when I'm bored and even when I wait in line. Lots of levels and each one gets a little more challenging.


Day 2 and having a blast

Getting ready to delete

I love playing this game, but it really ticks me off that they force you to pay real money to advance. You can use all of the upgrades, boosts, whatever but you still need more customers that you have to buy to pass the level. Don't hold me hostage, thank you.

Very fun game

Fun to play

Very fun !!

I love this game it is really fun !!! I recommend it to ALL !!



Game wants money

Game wants money too keep playing. Nope I'm downloading a different game with the same concept.

Too difficult

The game is fun at first, but gets progressively more difficult, to the point where it's impossible to go further, unless you purchase upgrades.


I am in love. Debated skipping class to play this game. Decided on walking to class and playing during it instead of completely missing class. Great game.

Too much breakfast!

I love this game, but there are waayyyy too many leavers at the breakfast restaurant.

Next country?

I just finished Tokyo and was wondering when the next installment will occur. Totally addicted!

Love Hate Relationship

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love this game. It's super addictive and really fun!'s rigged so you can't beat NUMEROUS levels without using spoons on boosts to be able to complete it. Especially when you have to reach a goal amount of money and only a handful of customers are "assigned" to order. Even if they all ordered the most expensive dishes it still wouldn't be able to meet that cash goal. Hearts take way too long to recuperate and spoons are hard to earn even with the bonus task levels. I will be deleting it if these aren't fixed or improved in one way or the other. I refuse to spend any real cash on an app game so realistically this game is currently just taking up space on my phone because I'm always stuck on unbeatable levels. Sooo frustrating!!


This game is fun and very addicting. I love the challenges

Forced to spend...

Like the game lots, BUT DON'T make us buy more customers, provide them! Fix this or you will loose customers. Me! And many others! Trust me!

Update: Learning Curve!!

Not being able to carry over coins is an issue... the Rio level is extremely hard! Especially when you are unable to make enough money to upgrade your your supplies...


I love this game! I really enjoying playing it.


Love it very fun and exciting game. However, this game is designed to make you purchase spoons. When I served everyone somehow it still say I haven't served enough customers. I've played a level with everything brought and still couldn't pass it.

Addicting! And super FUN!

Very entertaining, it's a time killer, usually play while waiting for something! It's very fun, it just glitches but its fun!

Four stars

It is a really fun game to kill time with. It feels like you have your own restaurant. I rate it five stars! It is always fun to see what your utensils and food upgrade into!

Needs improvement but great game

I love this game, simply put I am addicted. The thing that really gets under my skin is the coin. Some of my daily tasks force me to go to previous cities and I earn coin for no reason. Can we get some kind of conversion system for the coin???

Super fun

I love this game. So much fun. I love that you can just click on the food and it serves it up. Thanks for soooo much fun!! Ok. Update: i cannot live without this game, I love the challenge and the 1 click to serve is the best idea out there. Thanks again!!

Great So Far

Havent had any problems but it is fun And addicting


Very great game


I was kind of skeptic about this game at first because a cooking type game this fun and addictive usually eventually cost money, (like dinner dash), but the game is really fun and actually free!! Very addicting!!

Awesome game

I love this game. Its very fun and i play every chance I get. Thanks for making this. An easier way to upgrade and not cost so much would be my only concern. Also getting more than like one or two spoons or something after beating a bonus level. Other than that. This is a great game.

Odds Stacked Against You

Unless you pay for spoons you cannot pass certain levels. There are not enough customers to meet your goal....even if you have bought all the upgrades. 😡😡😡

Cooking Craze


I love this game

Love,love love

Super addictive

This game is super fun and addictive. It's cool to see yourself level up in the upgrades and it's fun to work very fast to serve your people. I would say 10 out of 10 would recommend. It is so fun and it's a good game for little kids.

Fun Fun Game!

I ❤️ this game, however, here are my complaints: ..................SECOND REQUEST........... DEAR MANAGEMENT PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH IN THIS TERRIFIC GAME WHEREIN YOU TAP ON AN ITEM AND ITS CONSIDERED TRASHING IT... NOT FAIR ... ugh 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 1) Why does it say DON'T TRASH ANYTHING when nothing has burned and I'm nowhere near the trash can--aggravating!!!??? 2) Why must we wait for hearts to play?


I loveit

Really Fun

Great game! Challenging enough and the different levels and restaurants are perfect

Addictive but unfair

I really really enjoy this game like I wake up excited to play it and try to move on to different levels. My only complain would be how you can't carry on your coins to different cities it's very unfair makes it he's to pass the new levels because you barely have any money to upgrade. Sometimes they make you have to earn 500 coins with 10 costumers and then they only order one dish making you short and losing the level. Fixing this would definitely make the game more enjoyable and fair.


Super Addictive! But they haven't updated for me to move on to the next level!!!!

In dire need of improvement

Most people are going to get to a certain level and delete this. I gave up and deleted it during the burger level. I'm not buying spoons or anything else. Screw that. This is why everyone lost interest in candy crush. If I have to pay to get through a challenge it defeats the purpose of playing a game. I want to win on my own, not with the help of boosts that I have to buy. The game is fun but not THAT fun. As soon as a game starts manipulating people to pay money I lose interest fast. Apps have ruined gaming. Too many greedy companies and the money isn't worth the games.

Fun Until You Have To Pay To Win


Was having fun

It is fun. Until you get to the 72,73,74,75 levels. It's garbages my soup sometimes. Won't always let me serve my soup to the customers. Tired down loading the gAme again. E-mailed about the game already.

I want my money to carry over!!!

How come the money you worked hard to earn in New York cant be carried over to Paris? You can't use it for anything else in New York, not for extra spoons not for boosts, Nothing!!! This has to be fixed Because once you get all of your upgrades for you restaurants that money is just going to sit there!!! I wanted to give this game 5 stars until this!!

Can't beat levels

I made it to Paris where I need to earn tickets to move on and unlock other items. But I can't because I'm unable to earn enough coins to beat the levels. To earn more money to get the tickets and move on I need updates for the restaurant. But I can't because I can't earn the tickets and beat the levels!!! It's maddening. I finally deleted the app, which stinks because it's a fun game, when it isn't impossible to play.

It's a good game

I like the game a lot

Love Cooking!

Great app, I really enjoy playing and cooking!!


Awesome game

Great until you reach the second level (country)

UPDATE: Unless I'm doing something wrong-even with ALL upgrades available and purchased (up to level 20) you cannot win challenges #14 or #20 without using a double coin food boost. And unless you already have one the game cannot continue until you're lucky enough to be rewarded one through the daily challenges. ORIGINAL: Have loved this game until getting to the second level, Paris. Disappointing that you rack up so many coins while finishing the first level only to learn that you can't carry them over to the next level. And then, surprise! get there and the upgrades are so pricey you have to play the same first 13 challenges over and over again just to gain enough coins to purchase upgrades! Gets rather boring. Guess the developers intent was great as far as putting coins in their pockets. They get you hooked on the first level hoping when you get to the second level you'll just spend your own coins out of your own pocket to progress through the challenges. On top of that once you do finally purchase all the upgrades (at least up to challenge #16) you still can't make enough coins to win the next challenge whether it be lack of time, customers or higher coin orders despite becoming such a pro because you've had to play that same restaurant's challenges over and over and over again! Sadly, unless the developers make some changes I will have to put this game down and move on to another. It's unfortunate because this is one of the better cooking game apps especially as far as graphics. Note to developers: Money isn't made solely by in app purchases. Many other games have ads. People pay to remove ads or people just watch the ads (as in this game to achieve extra lives or double coins). Either way, developers can still win without alienating their customer base by making achievements near impossible to surpass without pulling coins out of their own pockets. Consider listening to your customer base. It's a highly addictive game and your customers will remain loyal and spread the word. But, if you don't listen to them, guaranteed they will go elsewhere. No customer base means no coins in your pocket.

Love it

Love it.... better then the rest

Love this game

I love this game and how many levels there are but how you can still make progress. I also like how it's not expected that I spend money to play the game throughout but I can just play.


Just wanted to see the game and now I can't put it down.

Horrible Update Graphically

I used to love it but after the update, it looks horrible, way too cartoony.

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