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Use to be enjoyable

I received the game because the reviews was excellent and I wanted a game to challenge my strategy skills. I was excited about playing Mexico City because I thought it was an improvement but I was wronged. When you play Mexico City you are advise that you can use your coins and spoons to upgrade. I thought that was a good idea, but then I quickly realized that the levels are difficult to pass. You have to spend additional money to purchase the upgrades and stay in the game. On the levels the combs are not easy forthcoming as in previous levels and cities. I think it’s extremely sad when people are addicted to a game and then the companies find a way to make people spend money to enjoy there games. As for me I’m highly disappointed in this game and wouldn’t recommend anyone to download this game.

Developer still has not fixed the glitch

I am stuck in Rio where there is a glitch and I can’t advance no longer. I am playing with iPhone 7. Please fix this ASAP.

Well I DID like it.....but now!!!

Okay, losing interest... Once you hit Paris, the rules change, making it impossible to win. From losing all of your money, to needing 21 likes with only 19 customers; while at the same time, completing every order, but not having enough customers to receive enough payment. The ONLY way to win, is to use boosters... I’m giving it a few more attempts, before I just give up.


An ok game but intentionally broken to the point where you can’t pass certain levels (even when having a fully upgraded kitchen) without paying cash to proceed. Pretty lame.

I gave four stars because...

I wish they would make more countries faster I’m already done with the mexico level and I have to wait for another country to come up . But other than that it’s super fun and super addicting!

Not working

Keeps saying to update the app but there is no update. Please fix!

Great Game but.....

There needs to be an update for iOS. I can’t play any more it keeps saying update to play but there is not update available on my ipad, in the App Store.


This game is very enticing and keeps me focused and being the perfectionist that I am I have to beat all of the levels perfectly, which is nice to be able to do easily also. The one thing I do wish is that there was a way to buy gold coins rather than spoons, it would help me more being able to upgrade rather than using little bonuses that cook my food right away. Over all I love it!

Hate it

This is horrible it doesn’t let you I can’t say it


I love a great game that is complicated and not to easy to break but , I’m upset with the markers of this game because I unlocked all the levels in New York and went to Paris but my money in New York did not transfer to Paris , so that means I already unlocked 110 levels and all my appliances are upgraded I have Gold Stars and a Gold Trophy for completing all level and when I went to Paris hoping I would have my money to upgrade , I’m poor -.- wth ?

This is bad

I hate this I still can't get past level 29 because it goes to fast and I tryed everything I even had to get spoons your game is bad

Great game!

UPDATE: Hate the new upgrades with Mexico City. As others have said, you no longer earn money for failed levels, which means you can’t upgrade without spending money. One thing I used to like about the game was that I didn’t have to spend a ton to play. Now I would have to and I don’t play as much as I used to. Oh well. It’s an obvious money grab. Developers got greedy. I don't know what people are talking about - I've had no problem earning spoons and have spent very little money on this game and I play everyday. I'm thinking that some people just aren't good at the game, which is not the games fault. If you're struggling in Italy, you're just not very good at this. I agree that some of the levels are made to force you to use a boost because you can play it perfectly and still not earn enough. But I've never bought a boost; I hardly use them so I always have the ones I earn. I also agree that the Rio restaurant with the rice is just very hard because you have little control over where you put the different components and that's frustrating. I got through it but didn't bother trying to get the crown on all of the Rio levels. I also hate losing my points from city to city. It makes the going really slow in the next city because you have no money for upgrades and the early levels don't net you much money. Overall, though, I'm good at these kinds of games and this one is definitely challenging enough without making me spend extra money.

Love the game! Want infinite lives

This is a very well made game which makes me want to try out other big fish games. I agree with many reviews that an infinite lives purchase option can be a really good business opportunity. I personally may just buy it for supporting the game!

Used to be fun

I have been playing this game every day since I got it. Up until Mexico City I have enjoyed it. With previous cities you still earned money even if you didn’t pass a level. Now the only way to earn money is to pass the level. That makes it almost impossible to pass the levels because you need the money for the upgrades to pass the levels. I most likely won’t be playing this game anymore.

Fun Game

I have really been enjoying this game! It’s very stimulating and there are lots of worlds, which make it full of change! I would have given it 5 stars but... I would like for someone to look into a glitch that started this morning. My iPad is updated, the game is at the latest update, I have powered down my iPad several times, and I have deleted and redownloaded the app - it still will not allow me to play and keeps telling me that I need to update the app. Thank you!

Fun game, horrible glitch going on!

Not sure if it’s the latest update, but there’s somewhat of a glitch in the game. See the thing is, no matter how fast I make the food, “customers” don’t want many things and I can’t complete my goal for the level! Either they get just a drink, or something that doesn’t cost as much at the end of the level, I need to either purchase more time(with spoons) or add more customers.. which is getting a bit annoying to complete a level! All of my dishes and ingredients have been upgraded with 3 ⭐️! What is going on????

Mexico City

This board is terrible. How are we supposed to pas boards if we don’t get coins unless we pass the board. I loved this game until now

Mexico City Levels

Please update the game again! Please let us earn coins on failed levels! Please! This game keeps me from thinking about suicide. It keeps me occupied. I will return all 5 stars. Just please update the game. I need this game. I will lose my mind. It’s totally unfair. We are already forced to use spoons and boosts. Please just let us have the coins from failed levels. We still made the money. Yes we are losing lives but we made that money. Please don’t do this and let us have the coins. It’s ridiculous. I can’t even play because it’s impossible. Can’t buy from store because I don’t have coins, I don’t have coins because you won’t let us earn them! If you don’t let us earn coins, we keep losing levels and we have to wait 30 mins for our lives to revive. Then when the lives are back. Same situation. If you don’t want to go through this trouble. You force yourself to use your spoons, and boosts which doesn’t work because you still run out of time and customers, so you use more spoons and boosts, and then you have nothing left. Like that’s no even logical. At least make the game fair. This is literally annoying.

Cooking Craz

How horribly disappointed that you really cheat your clients. You come up with a super game and before you know it you are making us buy spoons for ALOT of money CONSTANTLY. I must have sped $50 and I only got to level 56. Sadly, I will delete before I go broke. SHAME ON YOU!

Money & Mexico

The newest upgrade has really killed my love for this game. Unlike the previous countries, if you lose a level, you earn NO money. The cost of the upgrades is ridiculous: 20,000 bucks for one measly upgrade? Because now you can use spoons to upgrade..... really? Nice money-making scheme. It costs hundreds of spoons to supplement the few coins you have, just to get an upgrade to you can make more coins? See what they did there? I don’t mind spending some money on games, but you’d need to buy the 99.99 spoon pack just to make it through the Mexico City levels. That’s ridiculous. Either the money earned from previous cities needs to transfer over OR the cost of the upgrades needs to decrease. And above all, stop the stupidity of earning no money when you can’t pass a level in Mexico City. What a shame. I used to enjoy this game.

Awesome game if things are fixed

I love the idea of the game but the way some of it is executed ruined it for me. One of the worst features of this game is the way you trash food. It's ridiculously easy to accidentally hit an item twice (which trashes the food), especially when you're timed and clicking the food fast, and then you lose the whole board and your life. Some people have an issue and our fingers jump without doing it on purpose. It should be that you have to drag the food to trash it. The other horrible feature is that our money isn't carried over into other countries. It's so very annoying when you start out with $0 and need 50 upgrades, (and yet you worked in the country before and have $90,000). To get those upgrades it takes an insanely long time to get them, and you have to play the same mundane boards over and over to even upgrade twice. I stopped playing because it's so very annoying. That and because some boards you can't beat without an instant chef hat no matter how quick and efficient you are. I wasted a lot of money doing it. The worst though is even with the highest upgrades it takes too long for the food to cook so it's impossible to beat certain boards without that instant food option. If these few things (which everyone seems to mention) were upgraded/fixed it would be an awesome game.


I initially gave this game 5 stars. It was fun, challenging and a bit addictive. However, after this last update I am done. The Mexico City addition is a a total nightmare. No more earned coins from failed levels, which means playing old levels over and over to earn enough coins to upgrade. This gets mind numbingly boring! Also, the upgrades on this level are totally obscene. 20,000 coins to bump up a product?!? I don’t think so! I am kinda sad. This was my go to, chill game before this latest update. Oh well, lots of other ones to discover. Sorry Cooking Craze, I’m out!

Please Update

Great game but TERRIBLE on Iphone X, Entire screen is minimized.

Updates have made this once enjoyable game unplayable

With the most recent update, you no longer receive the coins you earn unless you beat the level. The problem is, many levels are designed to be literally impossible to beat unless you purchase upgrades with the aforementioned coins which you can no longer earn unless you beat the level, which you cannot beat without purchasing upgrades with coins you can't get without beating the level, and so on, and so on. This renders a game that was once enjoyable, a frustrating exercise in futility. Unless you're willing to invest significant sums of your real money to purchase upgrades to progress through even the earliest and easiest levels, don't waste your time with this game.

Losing a level

I don’t like that now when you lose a level you don’t earn money from playing that level. How are we supposed to buy upgrades that help us win if we don’t get any money from playing...

Not impress with new updates, not even bothered playing anymore

I really really enjoyed this games. That was, before the new updates. The mini game was nice to kill time, but it only lasted for so long. I would like if we could trade in money from the previous location to the new ones. What’s killing me though is that it’s just too frustrating to win a level now. Let alone the fact that everything is more expensive in the store. I was always looking forward to new locations, I could spend hours on this game. Now I debate if I should even bother playing.

I love I️t but...

Ive been playing this game for a really long time and i like it a lot but i just got to mexico city and idk if its that city or there was an update, but i cant stand the fact that if you play a level and lose you dont get to keep the coins you earned, it has never been this way and it infuriates me and i probably wont be playing again until this problem is fixed.

It’s ok...

Ultimately I liked this game until going to the next city. What is the point of earning coins to move to the next city, just to start all over. That kinda defeats the purpose of leveling up. If the coins were transferable it would make more sense, otherwise it’s kinda pointless.


Hard to play with combo in Mexico. I enjoy to play but with combo hard to play

Fun to an extent

I rated this game a 4 instead of a 5 because I can’t get over how stupidly hard the last place is. Mexico City is so hard it takes the fun out of the game. 1) There are “combo” levels you have to do, which you get the hang of but what’s annoying is if you complete someone’s order but it doesn’t count as a combo, then you don’t get paid for it! So it’s like you served them for nothing. You can go a whole level serving people but if none of it was an actual combo, then you end with 0 and you lose. That’s not really fair. 2) when you want to upgrade your stuff, it’s ridiculously expensive! In the other places, they always start at like $400-$900 for an upgrade (so to make stuff cook faster or cost more) but in Mexico City, the lowest is like $2-3000! It takes so long just to upgrade everything so then you keep losing because your stuff is cooking to slow or doesn’t cost enough to make you win 3) At the first restaurant in Mexico City, I didn’t even buy all the upgrades because they were expensive and I wanted money left over so when I got to the next restaurant, I’d have plenty of money to upgrade most-all of the food. Even that didn’t help, the next restaurant just got even more expensive, so I’d have to go back and play a bunch of the “extra shifts” to get enough to buy the upgrades for this restaurant And 4) I finally got through the 2nd restaurant, I literally had $70,000 saved from doing all the levels 3 times, doing the extra shifts and doing the bonus levels. And that was NO WHERE near enough what you need to get all the upgrades for the last restaurant. The upgrades started from $6000-$10,000!!!! And then when you upgrade them a second and third time they cost up to $20,000! Just for an upgrade!! Like.. what?!?! So now it’s not even that fun anymore because it takes so long just to buy the upgrades. I get that it’s a game but it was so fun and addicting, and I got sad when it said Mexico City was the last place and then I’m done, but now I want to just quit early.🤷🏻‍♀️

Very upset

I seriously am addicted to this game. But like many other reviews I feel the same in that with the new update you can’t earn cash on failed levels. It’s making it impossible and not nearly as fun as it used to be. Just another game I’ll be sick of after trying to earn cash for days just for one 10,000 dollar upgrade on a side dish. Please fix. And fast!!!

Newest update is aggravating

I loved on how all levels before Mexico even if you failed a level you still earned coins. Now in Mexico if you loose you don't get coins. This gives me no motivation to continue with this game. I wish this hadn't been updated.

Can’t move money

I love this game but i cannot move money from world to world. I do all the daily task and thousands that i can’t use because I bought all the upgrades and you can’t use money for boost. Please fix before I give up on the game and delete it!

Fun till recently

Really liked the game until the most recent update. Took away the ability to earn coins even when losing a level so now just continually stuck on same levels not being able to keep going. Also be nice like another reviewer said to be able to convert coins from other cities at an exchange rate because they become useless since coins only buy upgrades not anything else.

Like the game

I really like the game but cannot see at times what the customer wants is it possible if you can make the order pictures a little bigger or make it that when we touch the order that slightly gets a little larger I would definitely enjoy the game more

Good but you got greedy

This game was absolutely amazing and super addictive. Sure, I’ve spent a couple bucks here and there to get extra lives but no big deal. But, with this last update you really destroyed yourself by getting so greedy. You’ve made the last levels nearly impossible to play without upgrading your equipment, and now to upgrade your equipment takes several times more coins than in previous cities. This basically forces players to spend money on the game to keep going. Not me. I’m on to another game now. It’s a shame. You would have ultimately gotten more money out of me if you had left the game the way it was originally.

Good game

Love this game.

Not a fan of the 1.12.0 update

The new level (Mexico City) was extremely difficult and I honestly didn’t mind the additional challenge the combo level brings, except I no longer earn coins for the playing the level even if I lose. This made it so I could not upgrade my restaurant without buying spoons (new update allows you to use spoons not just coins for upgrades). I feel like this was only so people I would pay money. I honestly have spent more money on this game than any other game. I not opposed to doing it, but do not like when it is clear that is the only way to win.

More lives

You should be able to watch videos to earn a life .

What a waste

This game needs money

So Disappointing

This game is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and fun cooking games I’ve ever played. I love cooking games and I love time management and I’m always looking for a newer and better one. This would be the best cooking game out there except for the fact that it gets way too difficult way too quickly. I’m stuck just before the seafood restaurant in Paris, only needing three more tickets to unlock it. I refuse to pay money just to beat levels that are designed to only be beat with boosts. It’s really tacky of the devs to design things that way. It’s clear they don’t care if people actually enjoy the game, they just want their money. I’d gladly buy the game outright so that I don’t have to deal with this current horrible level design, but there is no way I’d spend endless amounts of money buying boosts that can easily be wasted because of RNG. I am neither rich nor stupid. I’m a good player and change up my strategies and know I’m not failing these levels just because I’m unskilled. Redesign the levels so that they’re not so ridiculously difficult to achieve, PLEASE. 😭

Mexico City Update

The combo tasks are the worst!! Impossible to achieve without spending precious spoons. Why why why ruin this fabulous game?! So sad!

Not happy with new update

I don’t like how upgrading your kitchen is way more expensive than usual. Using spoons is pointless if you don’t have many, thus forcing you to pay money for spoons. Also, don’t like how if you make it through a level but don’t win, you don’t get to keep the money you earned anymore. Very disappointed

Fun Concept, sketchy Execution

So I love this game, the design is fun and its overall a great game, but I have some big issues with it that WILL stop me from playing. My 1st issue is that when you travel to a new country, none of your money is taken with you, which makes the money you made previously unimportant, especially if you got all the upgrades. For example, when I left New York to go to Paris, I had over 80k coins, and now in Paris I have to start fresh. Normally I wouldnt mind, but the paris levels are incredibly unforgiving and without much pay off. By level 10 you need already a lot of upgrades so you constantly have to replay the same mundane levels. So, it would be nice if there was some form of currency conversion. Like I could use my 80k to get, say 20k of the paris coins. Something like that. Now, my next point, and possibly my biggest issue with the game isn’t difficultly but rather, impossibility. In many of the Paris levels (and some of the NY levels), when your goal is to get “likes” they dont give you enough customers to achieve that goal. Say you need 12 likes, they will only give you 11 customers so you HAVE to use a power boost of +3 customers which is ridiculous. This isnt a matter of, “oh I didnt perform fast enough” because it often isnt timed and you just dont get enough customers. Its a ridiculous money scam, and poor game development that needs to be fixed.


I fell in love with this fast pace game. I would love to give it 5 stars but for some reason it keeps crashing on me and kicking me out. Every time I'm kicked out I have to start over from start. Hopefully this will get this issue resolved soon. This game needs a new update so that maybe it would stop crashing so much.

Cooking Craze

It’s a Awesome game


Great game!! Addictive ❤️

Have to play a different cooking game

Can’t get past last burger level unless I pay money for spoons. I was enjoying this game.

It cheats

There are too many times that I actually serve everyone who appears in total, but lose the level. I can only assume this is a blatant money grab as I have the option to spend spoons (I.e. money) to continue the level. Often, there is no choice as there is no other way to complete the level because there is never enough customers to complete the level. This is a highly addictive game which I would happily pay a lot of money to simply have. However, when it requires 11 customers to complete a level, but only 7 are given, it’s just a rip-off. I’ve actually paid $10 for more spoons, but won’t again since I was cheated out of them.

Good game, but...

It’s a great game, and it’s very addicting. The only real problem I have with this is that it doesn’t carry your coins when you go to another country. I wish we could fix that.

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