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Cooking Craze👍

Cooking Craze is really fun, a bit stressful but fun to upgrade and move on to levels.

Confused yet amazed

Give a bit more detailed instructions

The best game

It is the best everyone in my home plays is it is so funny and on road trips everyone plays It and we Challenge each other to see how wins Love it

The best game ever!!!

I mean this game is great it’s the best it’s SPECTACULAR!!!

To much

I hat doing every level 3 times just do get extra keys and stuff and the fact that some begging upgrades are useless

Are you serious

Well my first problem is that I cannot play these levels too well. I am blind and since I can’t see too well I can’t Play the levels that you well. So maybe there should be something like voiceover should be accessible with this app. Or maybe something like it’s easier to see or there some sound description or something. Because I just want to be able to play this game without having to ask for help or

Birthday Bash???

What Birthday Bash? So far I've received zero, zip, nada. In fact it seems to me that you've made it even harder to win even the daily challenges. Has anyone gotten past Paris without putting a ton of money in this game?!?! It's a fun concept but like a lot of the new games the greed takes the fun out of them.

Fun game

It’s fun to kill time lol

Fun but a rip-off

It’s a fun game until you get up to higher levels. You need to spend a lot of real money for boosts to move ahead!

Fun but Sneaky

This is a fun game, but makes you use your own cash to pass certain levels. I don’t mind buying stuff once in a while, but this is crazy. Bought 50 spoons thinking it would get me to the last leg in Paris , to find out I was wrong. Always need 35 spoons to get three customers which doesn’t always help. Make some changes and you will keep more customers playing.

I love this game

This is one my favorite games. I play this game every day

Unnecessarily difficult

For a game that should be a nice time-waster and easy going, it makes certain levels unplayable/ unachievable without certain boosts that require (actual) money upgrades. I can handle the ads every so often. Why ruin a good mind-numbing game by forcing the option of "pay up" or play the same old levels over and over again?

The game is gr8

It’s fun and I have no complaints really. If money could change over to a new country yeah it would be fine but really the game is great over all!

Worse with every update

I have never seen an app destroy itself with carelessness. And the bugs just accumulate, are never fixed. With this latest update, the game is now unplayable. Want to press the “Daily Tasks” button in the upper right hand corner? Maybe you can get it to respond after 15-20 tries. Want to tap items near the bottom of the screen? There’s about a 75% chance you’ll inexplicably pause the game. Want to play the first Bonus Level in Rio? Watch how it progressively falls apart as you play. I really like this game. I’ve emailed in the past about bugs introduced with updates and they’re like “oh yeah we’ve heard that, here’s some money for game.” Which is very nice but I’d rather have the game work. This is going on months now. I’m done.


It’s cool but frustratingly bad

Best game ever played

Best game ever TOTALLY recommend this game

Can’t play since iOS update

I love this game, but it will only load to 50% since I updated my iPad. Please fix it so we can play. Thanks! 😊


I love it

This game rocks!

This is an awesome game! Although it is a bit tricky at times, but that’s what makes it fun! I definitely recommend it! ❤️👍🏻

Mo money.

It’s being robbed. The closer you get, the more it changes. More money and you lose. Don’t do it. Fun at first,,,but the rules keep changing. It’s all about money. Fraud

Fragulent charges

I have money on my card yet it feels me that its not enough money but it keeps adding a charge every time even when it says your purchase can not be completed. I will Dispute all charges made.

Cooking craze

You guys need more help in the game

What happened?

I’ve played this game for a while now and used to love it. Now, it’s a joke. You have to use boosts to even win some levels. So sad, I barely play anymore.


I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, I am only one or two cities away from beating it. There really are ways to get around paying for boosts and I absolutely love the game. It has been my main game on my phone for the longest time. The one thing that is frustrating and ridiculous about this game is “Combo” levels. This is where you only make money if you serve 3 OR MORE DISHES AT ONCE. Almost every single one I come across I have to use my spoons I’ve earned over a weeks time. The most frustrating part is when I spend 35 spoons and still don’t beat the level. Then it takes me 30 more levels to make those spoons back. I will stick with it, but it does need another update 😊👌🏼

Fix the problems

Love the game and from friends that have the game to are having this problems the gave cuts off in the middle of the game also when I get unlimited time or one hours I only able to play maybe 5 or 10 minutes before it cut off😤😤😤 I'm writing again having the same problem it seems like you can't fix it or you don't want to fix it it's because I don't buy point a coin form you if that's the case said it😡😡😡😡😡

Money hungry app?

Personally I love this game but at the same time I HATE that you run out of lives and it seems like, you need to buy stuff in order to be successful. I don’t like that at all, please fix that. When I run out of lives on this game I just go to my other food game apps that don’t run out of lives or want me to constantly spend money. Please consider everything noted in this review.

Some problems with app

I have enjoyed playing this game but I agree with other reviews about some issues. First off all, the app unexpectedly shuts down on its own in the middle of a game and I have lost several boosts because of this which means a waste of real money for me. Also, I agree that it was really disappointing to lose the coins from New York when I jumped to Paris. And you have to play multiple bonus levels in order to have enough coins to get even one upgrade because the upgrades are so “expensive”. I also agree that some levels absolutely cannot be won without spending money and using boosts.

Supporting cooking craze

Cooking Craze is a lot better than the cooking fever app. In cooking fever you do not have different worlds and you have to drag the items. I support this app if you agree with me post I support this app!!

Great game, BUT...

-You should be able to transfer coins between different cities. -If you want people to buy in-app purchases, at least make buying coins an option. -The wait between lives is WAY too long. -Offer more infinite lives as the game progresses. It seems that towards the end of NYC and Paris and probably so on, it was very rare to come across infinite lives. I like this game so much that I wouldn’t mind making in-app purchases, but I don’t want to just buy spoons or infinite lives. Paris is becoming very difficult and I will soon lose interest if changes aren’t made! Could be an awesome game and I rarely write reviews! Might have to try Cooking Fever!

Pay to win

This is a typical pay-to-win game. It starts nicely, with a simple gameplay. The levels are challenging just enough to get you going but not impossible. But then eventually they become impossible to complete without investing tons of real money into game currency for upgrades or boosters. There are also some annoyances. E.g. when the customers want the same dish it “spreads” the dishes among them when served. Say you can only make 2 at a time and 2 customers waiting for 2 items each. Instead of giving both dishes to 1 customer and sending him/her out, the game gives 1 dish each. So now you have 2 customers getting impatient. Also in the “no trashing” games when you tap on a wrong dish by mistake it interprets it as “trashing” and you lose. I’ve never trashed a dish in any other game, so it can’t be just my fat fingers. Finally, when you get “unlimited lives” prize it gets activated instantly and is only valid for N minutes. So imagine you’ve just played for a while to complete a challenge. And your prize is unlimited lives but you can’t keep it for later. And it doesn’t even count the game time only! I’ve played for a while already and just want to go to bed now! This feels like cheating.

Needs Tutorial for Quests

The game is fun to play until you get the extra levels that give you special items. The items that you need to cook are different than those you cook in the regular game but there is no instructions on how to prepare your food. Each time I must try to figure out the combination and what can or cannot be cook. For example, there is a 2 day truck quest, there is Salmon beside what looks like a grill but the Salmon cannot be cook, instead it goes on to of the rice raw. There are other items that take 2-3 steps before it’s finally cool and the toppings can go on it. Such as there was another quest in which pancakes were to be made, you first had to make batter before you could put it on the skillet then place it on the plate and add your toppings (fresh fruits, strawberries or blueberries syrup). There really need a tutorial before these quest so you know what the order of things are and what can or cannot be cooked!

Awesome game

This is very enjoyable


paris restaurant ripoffs upgraded all food items and equipment to each maximum level. however, some levels are impossible to earn enough coins to win without using boosts, even serving ALL customers. please fix. level 21 requires 325 coins but provides only 10 customers. even using a burn-proofer or insta-cook boost, 321 coins is the maximum i can earn! with ALL possible upgrades! wow! this is typical. all levels should be achievable without boosts, especially when they are played perfectly and have all maximum upgrades. another frustration is cooking items for customers who walk out when the time runs out and using a time/customer boost to continue the level but these items burn because the next 10 customers only order drinks (cheat!). you have used boosts to start playing, have to use more boosts to continue the level only to have the game cheat you into using a second chance boost because the food burned?! wow! i just take the loss, losing interest in the game. please fix. the trash option is far too sensitive. try to serve a customer and it trashes a perfectly good item, forcing a loss. i refuse to pay for glitches/bugs, so i take the loss of a life. another thing causing me to lose interest in this game, even more. trying to hang in there, but the bugs are extremely frustrating! please fix. SO glad i have only paid $2.11 on spoons (special limited deal)! i would not mind buying more, but I REFUSE TO BE CHEATED!!!


It’s not fair that the time starts before the customers arrive. Those extra seconds are needed to win in the end. I do like that you are able to pick up extra shifts to earn more coins to upgrade your cooking material.


Tap a dish twice because the game is lagging and you lose your life because the game thinks you want to trash tour food unless you unnecessarily spend your spoons. When you are trashing an item you should have to drag to trash or it should ask if you are sure you want to trash the item.

This game is hard not to play, but it is still fun.



Fast paced & fun!

Lost phone app and as unable to get back my game at the third level

😢how can game be saved

Gets boring...

I was addicted to this game and got to Bangkok, but it gets too hard to win the cards and pass the truck challenges so it becomes less fun because you lose excitement to play. But the game is still lovely with great detail and it’s innovative blending all types of cultures together.

Too expensive

This game is really fun but to make any good progress you have to spend too much money. Instead check out Cooking Joy. It is as much fun and free,

Transferable money

I really love this game, but the problem I see is money not transferring over when I’m playing in different cities. Would be nice to use the money in upgrades when in different cities.

Fun but 👁…

I love❤️the first level it has donuts and toppings!🌈🍩🍩 But I hate the 2 restaurant! all it has is root beer burgers and hot dogs🍔🌭🍺 I wish it could have both!

I love this game🍩🍔🌭

This game is too fun!!You get to upgrade the items and all you have to do is tap to finish the order😀Whoever made this game has a fun style

Fun game🤪

Really fun game for when bored!

Impossible Levels

Some levels are so difficult it takes 3 boosts to get through it. Bonuses are given each day but almost always include unlimited life for a certain time. Pretty much useless since I’m not going to play that long, especially when I’m stuck on a level waiting for the right boosts to get through (level 71 is especially tough). Overall a fun game but it’s obvious you’re greedy and want to add levels that can’t be won without spoons/boosts.

Good but have bugs

Why is the game frozen when I’m playing? And it happened like 3 times in one hour, it happened before, but it’s more frequent today! Anyone please fix it?

Very laggy

This game is difficult when all it does is lag and you lose all your lives in under 30 seconds.

Super fun! 😀

It is very fun and addictive! Totally get no reason I don’t like it

I love the game but recent update is tricky

I love this game and have been playing in for months but after the new update the pause screen pops up multiple times while you play (without you ever actually wanting to pause). It seems to be trying to get me to accidentally click “back to map” so that I loose the level. It is so annoying and makes me not want to play. Even if you earned a lot of money during the level you won’t get it if you quit, only if you play though/won. This happens especially when I am playing the big bonus level. It makes me think that they don’t want me to beat the big bonus level so that I will have to buy more game money to upgrade. I won’t be doing that. Just a heads up everyone. It’s a great game though other than that! I will edit this review if they fix this.

Très chic💝

J aime bien ce jeux tels qu’il est devenu un addicte

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