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Seriously, I have never really been one to spend money on a cellphone game but this is one where I’ve felt it was worth it ^_^ I enjoy the competitive levels and neat changes each restaurant offers. I’m surprised that each level is so uniquely different. Lol, I keep expecting one level to be lame at some point but that truly hasn’t happened yet. And their customer service is exceptional ^_^ <3 keep it up!!!

Great Game

Love this game and all the fun levels. One suggestion to improve the game, when giving a player free time, don’t start the timer until after the level starts. This can prevent players from using the entire amount of time.


I love this game! However i am not willing to spend money to pass levels. There are levels in Paris that you just can not get passed. I guess I’ll have to quit unless this issue is resolved. It’s sad because this game is probably my favorite. Oh well, enjoyed while it lasted.


Yay love it

Unable to play any big fish games

I have not been able to play cooking craze or any other big fish games for over a month now. I keep getting network error message can’t connect. All of my other games work perfectly fine it’s just this game and others made by this developer that will not work. I wrote them a few times they said they are working on it but it has yet to be fixed.

Love this game

Love this game and they always fix anything that goes wrong and they do it as fast as they can ❤️ thank for being so excellence

Impossible to make with time given

I have upgraded every item and still either come up not enough time or not enough points and use free uses. I believe it is not possible to make the amount of food needed in time given in order to make you buy extra time/people on purpose. I’m a fast player and it’s just not possible on some rounds This game is getting ridiculous. Added the served wrong dish button that stops game even when wrong dish was not served. Is this just another way to get your customers/players to buy more lives???????

Last update won’t work

Can’t open my game since the update a few days ago.

Fun but Hard

Im on level 10. I am wasting ALL of my lives trying to beat level 10. You are supposed to get 600 dollars and they only give you 15 customers. Whats up with that?! You have five lives in the game. I use them every FIVE minutes trying to beat that level. It is IMPOSSIBLE in my opinion and they should do something for their customers. Also, once you run out of customers, they ask if you would want to BUY customers. But the problem is you ONLY get 3 customers when you pay 35 Spoons! Witch, to me sounds pretty ridiculous. That is why i give this game a 4. Everything is Awesome! Except for the customer problem. 🤔


I reached the Paris level and it’s upsetting and annoying that you can’t transfer the money from the first world to the other. They should at least translate it into the new currency. I might actually delete the game.

Awesome sauce

This is the best game ever

Crash city

Fix crash


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now I know my A B C’s next time won’t you sing with me! I ain’t got nothing to say.

Cool game

Just needs a little work but great game overall




I never write reviews... I’m just not your “feedback” type of person— but this game has forced me to come out of silence, & let my voice be heard!! This WAS once one of my favorite past-times; no matter where I were... but, NOT anymore! I’ve been playing this game since 2016, so, i’ve been around to witness the many changes the developers has done. Each update from 2017-18 has been a setup of money baiting & deliberate failure! The levels are virtually impossible to pass, unless you actually spend literal cash! I have been stuck in Seoul for 2 months now, on the same exact level, with no solution in sight.. & I will NOT spend physical money to play a game that’s rigged for failure in the first place!! That’s exactly why I’ve never nor will ever gamble!! The developers of this app has become money hungry *bleepity bleeps!!!**🤬🤬🤭!!! I’ve deleted the app, & will never play this game again! It has become a true rip-off!

Best Game

By far this is one of my favorite games! Only game I have ever spent money on and don’t mind spending.. The graphics are amazing.. I absolutely L😍VE this game!!! Support is also great 😁 5*****

Me gusta pero

Me gusta pero tenemos que servirle la comida rápidamente

please fix this

okay i love this game first off it’s a good past time. But I’ve been having this problem where I loose a life when i don’t even play or if i play one game and i loose it takes away two lives or three it’s annoying!!!!

Game Review


Cooking craze

Listen here sis you wanna know the tea about this game. Well your in luck because I have tea just for you. You should indeed get this game. I play it all the time and I HIGHLY recommended you to do the same.

Great but level 29 is so hard I can’t get past it!!!!!!!


Great game...when it works

The game itself is great! It is fun and challenging! Only issue is getting it to load sometimes. The support department is attentive to issues and responds promptly.

Love it

Love this game

Fun Game

Fun game but it takes sooo long to load up w/ only a small amount of gameplay time


Love the game but I knocked off one star because I like the ones that are relaxing and this one is so fast paced.

I love cooking craze it’s great for when ur bored


Why so laggy

The game is awesome 😎 but it is also a rip off of another game Cooking fever but the game is amazing 😉 I rather than Cooking fever. Anyways it takes a long time to load and it can be a bit laggy sometimes, and the time runs out fast. Give a bit more time. At least it is really good so I give it 4 stars ⭐️ so there,and I love the different foods we make it is a really good game. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I love this game

Because I love cooking

I love the app

I love the app except why do you have to collect spoons?? But anyways it’s an amazing app! I love it everyone should buy my mom let me have it for one reason to be a chef and I love making donuts especially this app is amazing I love it so much😍😍❤️ anyways I love all the levels. Anyways have a good day😀🙂

Bugs in special events.

The past few special events have jab major bugs that make it impossible to play or beat the level. Currently with the 3rd food court line the rice burns automatically and will not plate. In the last events the 4th level contained an ingredient not located on the workspace making it impossible to complete the dishes. I was only able to complete one out of the past four events due to bugs. I will change my review when and if they address these issues.

Need better lives

Playing this game you go through lives and have to wait an extra 20 so minutes just for another life 🤔 that makes me lose interest...

Keeps telling me to update

And there is no update. Deleted 4 times and still the same result.

No Updates

I have this game on my fire tablet and logged into Facebook to save my progress. After downloading it onto my iPhone, the update on Apple is behind android After logging into Facebook on this app, every time it asks me to update the app. When I click update, it take me to the App Store and there is no update available. Apple is behind android on the update of this game.


Fun game but huge waist of time

Says app needs updated, but no update available

I have tried for 3 days to play on my iPad. It keeps telling me I have to update the app, there is NO update available. It has to be something on their end, because I can play the game fine on my Samsung Galaxy phone. Would much rather play on the iPad. This is very upsetting when you have invested so much time into a game!!!!!!

Gets to be TOO expensive.

Costs for spoons is too much, since the use of 35-50 for each action is too many spoons to pay for each action. Too bad.

Good game

It’s like the real world but in pixels

Needs update, but no update found?

I love playing this on my fire tablet but when I downloaded to my phone it keeps saying I need a update. When I check for updates, they say none found. Very irritating


Where is all of the advertisement videos you watch for the free lives it hasn’t worked in days this is something I put in my past review that I thought was fixed but I see not for ppl that don’t have money that really helps



Love it!

When are you adding more levels!


Downloaded this for a tapjoy offer. Nothing happened. So not cool

Fun and Addictive until Mexico City.

I used to LOVE this game. I would literally play it for hours at a time if possible. Now I barely play it at all, because in the Mexico City set of levels, they introduced "combo coin levels" which means you only get coins IF you create enough combinations in the time/customer count they give you. These levels are next to impossible to finish because you don't get enough coins i combinations to pass or the customers get angry before you have enough people/orders to get the coins! Today was the first day I played in probably about two months because the only way to get past the level and get the gold ticket needed to move forward is to invest actual money. The game was a good one to this point, but because of these levels, unfortunately I think I'm done playing.


Easy and fun

Won’t open

Game wouldn’t open today so I removed from Phone and downloaded it again. This happened before and it fixed it. This time it just keeps saying download error and won’t open. Too bad. I really loved this game. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Played for a while then stopped working

My game does work anymore. Re-downloading doesn’t do anything.

Fix bug please

Fix bug it keeps saying “ download error “!

Fun, but update gives download error :(

I really enjoy this game, it’s a fun way to relax and tune out the rest of the world. However, it updated today, and now I keep getting a download error across devices. I don’t want to delete it and risk losing my progress (I’m somewhere in the 90s for my level. It’s a fun, 5-Star game, but I’m currently unable to play :(

Not working

I hadn’t had any problems till today it wasn’t loading so I deleted the app and redownloaded it and every time it says download error and I just purchased stuff in the app yesterday..

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