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This game is so much fun!! I definitely recommend!!


it’s like doing drugs. u can’t stop.

Developers Make You Spend To Play.

Game was very fun until the end of Paris and all of Italy. Now I feel like I am at the arcade . Pay to play . Clever Developers. Look, I am an excellent player, but now I pay each round for boosts in order to proceed levels. Exorbitant need for boosts to win have discouraged continuing. Developers could truly do so much better if they would be fair. Allow players to buy spoons with coin. That could be something. I am now forced back to Cooking Fever. My friends and I are considering deleting if developers do not update giving something to loyal real cash paying customers. How about being fair?

New update

I love the game but the bonus levels are hard. I don’t like the new update

Requesting lives

Why must we wait so long to ask for lives from our friends?! I feel like as soon as we receive a life from a friend we should be able to ask again without having to wait 9 hours. That’s ridiculous!!! I would’ve given the game 5 stars but I need my lives when I need them

Cooking Craze

I give this game 5 stars because this games makes me feel like I’m actually cooking and putting a surprise face on every customer

Fun game, but some frustrations

I'm enjoying this game overall, but a few things are frustrating. 1) I hate that you can't take your accumulated coins with you from country to country. 2) I'm in Rio (4th country) and at the 3rd restaurant, the upgrades become ridiculously expensive!! First stage of upgrades was the usual $2-4,000, but the second stage is $10-16,000 -- too much!! Is this a sign of things to come in upcoming countries? 3) New restaurants, Food truck and Food court challenges need a bit more explanation or a short tutorial round. I hate having to burn through my boosts as I figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing! How about a "tips" section for new levels or challenges?? 4) I hate how on timed levels, some customers walk all the way across the screen before ordering - that wastes valuable time!!

Love it, but it has its quirks.

I play the game just about everyday. I haven’t spent a dime of my own money. I read a few reviews and quite a few people have a problem with the coins not being able to switch over when you go to a new world. I was in shock after I finished New York with all 3 stars and went to Paris. With over 118k in money. I started in Paris with 0. I was bummed! However, I ONLY use boost (Insta cook, burn proofer, and price doubler) on the BONUS LEVELS. That’s how you get the most coins, and can upgrade your equipment in the new world quicker. I dislike when the game crashes, and causes me to lose a life. That’s frustrating. 5 items in a row guarantees the most bang and coins earned. The game is possible to play. Will continue to play. Most recent upgrade limits the amount of cupcakes you can have?! Terrible idea. Recent updates On bonus levels you can only go to 300 customers? Not liking that, at least bring back 600 customers. It’s a bonus level, you should be able to stack up as much money as you can! Cupcakes? Why only 25. I use to have 200* cupcakes saved up.

Liked it but...

I liked this game and it’s a fun concept but when you travel to a new city you can’t bring the coins you earned in the last city. So what am I supposed to do with them??? It made it pretty disappointing to have to start all over again.


I super love this game,been playing for months. I'm in Bangkok and can't pass a level because it's 46 in 60 seconds. Gimme a break! Even using the 30 second extention doesn't help.

Double coins

Seems that everytime I hit the double coins I get a black page and have to delete the game and reinstall. This is very frustrating to the point I don’t hit the double coins. Please fix this problem as I don’t know how much longer I will play this game if you can’t. Thank you.


I just finished New York level and I have all the coins from that and I’ve upgraded everything.... so what happens to those coins? Be a bummer if I can’t do anything with them. It would be cool if I could exchange them for the next city or even buy a restaurant in New York with them

I like the game but it’s too fast

This game is so fun but the speed of it gets really fast by the 2nd shop. Also DOUBLE TAPPING to throw away food messes me up while I’m pressing on my orders so fast. I don’t like how we just double tap and it’s automatically trashed😪it screws us with the levels we can’t trash anything on. I’m stuck on level 24 👿 because of this

Early levels are fine

But once I got to the 4th restaurant in New York it won’t let me serve the soup. That is ready. If I tap on the soup too much it’s trashed making me lose the level. Not sure how the developers of this game really expect you to advance if you can’t serve any dishes.

Love this game

I love the game and the authentic dishes and cities. I’m always excited to see the new food, it always looks delicious! It’s not too hard or too easy and I like the different levels and that you are able to win prices doing different tasks. I’m seriously obsessed with it and I’m a little sad now because I’m in Dublin and you guys have not made another city yet, haha. Anyways, keep up the good work.



Money eater

This game makes it very difficult to accumulate spoons which is what you need in order to add customers and time so that you can complete each level… If you don’t spend money to get the extra spoons then you’ll never complete the level… They need to change the way the system works because when you’re working at a constant speed, taking care of all the customers, you should be able to complete each level...that is not the case...

Awful update

Can’t watch a video now to double coins. Screen stays black

Fun game until you leave NY

I earned all these coins while on the NY level, only to find out that they don’t come with me to the Paris level. I get it. It’s supposed to be Parisian money which is different from NY money. But it’s a game. Not real life. The levels in Paris are harder because the developers who designed thus game want you to spend your own actual money to keep making progress. I guess I’ll delete it off of my phone now and read a book instead of wasting my time and brain power on this game. It was fun while it lasted.

Greedy company

More and more impossible levels have been implemented. You will fail to pass most of the coin levels with certain customers. Even with full upgrades and all 5-combos, you won’t have enough money to pass these levels. What makes it worse is some of these impossible levels are the first part. YOU MUST PAY.


You have to pay for everything first you go though and you have to go back and do it again STUPID GAME I HAVE ALREADY PAID 30 dollar to this game and now I going to log out

Fun game!

Enjoying the time management challenge and the graphics. Simple to understand and fun to play.

One of the best games ever!

I love this game! It's fun and addictive! I can't wait for lives to build up and play more levels. I love the game and how it looks. The levels change and you get bonus rounds. Changing up the scenes keeps it interesting. I would def recommend getting this game.

Very fun

Very fun game but equipment need to be a bit faster

Not fun anymore

This game was addicting till you reach higher levels and then you can only beat it if you spend real money. I don’t mind once in awhile having to do that, but it’s so ridiculous now that I don’t enjoy playing it any longer. I’m thinking about deleting the game.

I love this game, but you’re gonna lose me.

No one will continue to play a game if they can’t win periodically, or we can’t win unless we pay for extra stuff. It so sad that you try to financially rape your customers. It appears that once we buy something, you won’t let us win until we buy more. That is not best practices.

So much fun,but..

Recently got to Paris and see what others are talking about. Money doesn't leave the past country with you,have to start fresh and Paris is definitely harder and I can't beat the levels with upgrades,I can't afford. I know I will eventually by doing the daily goals and buying stuff with spoons but it's taking a very long time. Wish I could do something with my New York coins.. should let us either convert it to even a lower amount of Paris funds or make it so you can maybe change it to spoons. Besides that, I am addicted. If I can't pass Paris in another week,guess I'll be deleting it. Love the game though.

Cost too much/not enough customers

I am very fast at this game. I generally play bonus rounds to upgrade products. It’s the only way to get through the challenges. However, I am in Rio. I’ve purchased boosts and use them but the game makes it impossible to get through either by stacking customers with requests you can’t possibly fill even with boosts or they don’t give you enough customers. I can have every dish ready to serve and the game does not give you enough customers to win. I’m sure this intentional but it stops being fun when despite what you do or purchase, there is zero chance of progressing unless you buy extra customers. Not to mention the amount of free spoons you earn... 4... really? It cost 35 to buy 30 seconds. I appreciate a challenge but making levels impossible to win isn’t fair play. I have spent $24 in this section and even though I am two challenges away from advancing, I can’t get 12 likes? Even with cupcakes? I’ve spent close to $100 on this game. Ridiculous You need to upgrade the game to give your customers a chance and to keep your customers. There is a lot of competition out there.I am close to bailing on this rigged expensive game. I give it 2 stars because to the development and the graphics. Money isn’t everything!

No star

It keeps telling me to upgrade even after doing so

This game is great

It’s great but can you guys find another way to trash items? I keep clicking an item twice by accident when I didn’t want to throw it away and I end up losing the levels that way. Fix it please, it’s really annoying.

The game is rigged

It’s a fun and addicting game of course but the “trash” system is complete bull and the game is almost rigged for you to HAVE to use your power up things (like +30sec, +3 people, Healthy Treat price doubler) I understand of course you have to use them occasionally but after like level 60 it puts you in a place where you literally HAVE to use it or it’s a wrap for that level and you run out of lives trying to be a cyborg tapping at the speed of light then BOOM you accidentally double tap on or near a certain food and you throw it away resulting in an automatic loss. It’s ridiculous

Love, but it cheats

I fill every order with time to spare, yet I lose lives every time saying I ran out of customers. If no one walks away, how do I run out of customers. Too bad!! I love this game, but will probably quit playing.


Love the game challenging but fun 👍🏾


I love this game,

Fun game, to bad

Fun game, but it freezes a lot then crashes. Not worth the download. Horrible issues with game freezing. Dropping rating from 3 to a 2. It’s to bad there are so many issues with this, because it’s a fun game.

Leaving the game

They make it so complicated even during the beginning stages it's not even fun to try. I'm at 29 and the speed is like a crazy fast. And I only have one item not up to 3 stars. Do they really think I'm a robot or something. Good luck everyone else.

Wow — can’t earn coins if you don’t win anymore?!

Wow. Developer’s really messed up with this one. There will be no progress when hung up in a hard level if you can’t accrue coins to purchase upgrades when you try and fail a hard level. Challenging levels were exciting and worth it even though you burned thru your lives, as long as you were able to accumulate $$ to eventually upgrade and move on. Now it’s not only hangs you up on hard levels for long periods of time, it makes gameplay feel pointless and Actively discourages me from spending more time in this game — if I see I’m going to fail a level and lose a life, I just bail early and burn my lives quicker and put down the game, not really caring to pick it back up when they’re restored just to get 5-10 mins of play. What’s the point? I’d suggest cooking fever to those looking for a better game And more worthwhile gameplay.


Every morning I get a notification “Come collect your daily reward!” ...But I have absolutely no idea how to do that. Help?

Fun game but

Twice now the game has locked up causing me to lose all the progress I have made. It's a fun game, but not so much when you have to keep starting over

Please update!

The app has a glitch. Any time a ad plays, it gets stuck or doesn't work at all. I have to restart the game. This is an issue when u need more lives or double coins. Please fix!

I used to love it...

I’m done with this game. I have been playing this game for so long. I was completely addicted. Now, I have had it. It seems the developers decided to make things so challenging in order to force players to spend money. I’m so angry, I don’t even want to give it my time anymore. I have made it through every level till Dublin. Now they took away bonus levels and rather than giving tools to help you win an impossible level, they give infinite lives to frustrate you even longer. Nope. Done. Delete. Thanks Big Fish. Now it’s a big zero!

Crash crash crash

Good game, and then, crash. Be prepared to buy , buy, buy!


When I open the game it is telling me there is a update and the App Store does not have a update. Not sure what is going on.

Adding Add ons

When you add a slice of cheese or tomato to a hamburger and you only want the cheese on one and tomato on the other, it puts it on both. It’s very annoying, but other than that, the game is very good and very well made and very enjoyable!

App keeps crashing

My screen keeps freezing and I can’t maneuver through the city. I’m stuck to play the games that are directly on my screen. When I lose a game, I have to exit and refresh in order to play again because the screen freezes and the “replay” or “add on” screen never pops up. Please update


I’ve been trying to get pass level 69 in Paris. I don’t have enough spoons to buy boosters and it doesn’t have enough time to serve everyone! Please fix it !!

Not good anymore

You guys changed this game and made it too hard. Now you don’t get coins when you lose a hard round so you can’t ever have enough money to upgrade tools/food. Game used to be fun and relaxing. Now it’s just unnecessarily hard, stressful, and dumb. Deleting.

Fun at first

Fun to play, at first. It becomes very difficult to pass levels very early. I have spent 3 days playing "extra shifts" so I can earn enough points to buy upgrades so that I can move forward. But when you earn 300 points for an extra shift and an upgrade costs 9000, boredom will kill your desire to play and send you searching on the App Store

Needs Improvement

Developers should fix the bugs in this game. I hope these are glitches in the game. Add more customers and time to certain levels in order for people to finish the levels. In some cases, boosters are required to pass a level. I refuse to pay for any spoons so I use what I have accumulated while playing the game. I hope the developers are listening to their customers. I would rather buy the game than pay for spoons to advance in the game. I saw several different prices listed for spoons but the one that shocked me was $99.00, that's ridiculous. I earn as many spoons as possible in each level. I see there are several people having issues in the Paris level. If you need to earn a certain amount, wait until all the customers are standing there with their order and try to get the max combo. The more combos, the more money you can earn. Completing tasks from the chef also helped me to earn good boosters. After I complete a task, a gift box appears and most of the time the booster is a good one. The latest update is terrible, less money is given for combos, I do not lie the max 25 cupcakes, I do not like waiting 4 hours for more cupcakes and the time for lives to regenerate should be less than 30 minutes. The developers should not try to make the game too difficult. I love a challenge but some of these levels are irritating.

Kind of Sad compared to cooking fever

This game is fun but kind of boring👎 If you are looking for a fun cooking game I recommend Cooking Fever. It is way more fun than this and the animations are much more realistic.

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