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Love this game

I love this game , I just wish that the money you make would move from city to city , because I have money in the other cities that would be useful to update in the current city since my previous cities are fully upgraded. But other then that no complaints.

Still lost a HUGE amount of progress

Update: the developer responded to my review by asking me to contact them and open a ticket so they could “make it right”. When I did this I got a reply that basically said “you’ve been compensated enough”. Unbelievably terrible way to treat loyal players. I hope Big Fish shuts this dev down. Ridiculous. I understand that mistakes happen and appreciate the rewards offered as compensation but losing all of my progress in Mexico (the city I was last working on) is simply unacceptable.

Money machine

It’s fun but you run out of lives too quickly... if you want people to play your game maybe make it so we can without having to stop for hours to wait for our lives to refill. Not everyone has a dollar to keep playing whenever they’re trying to get past a hard level.

Works worse after update

I was forced to install update to keep Playing. The game works worse after the update! Levels don’t quit (your time will run out but the music will keep playing and you can still burn food). You also can’t pause anymore. That’s what I discovered in the first 2 minutes! I’m sure there are other issues.


I can’t believe all my progress is lost good now since the last update!! So annoying


It’s telling me to update the game, but I already updated it and now I’m not able to play. Can you please help me??.


Please fix. There’s still a lot of glitches. I deleted the game at round 90... it wouldn’t allow me to serve the bowls of soup. I would have to keep clicking on the soup but it wouldn’t show that the soup went to the customer. I really enjoy playing this game. Please fix!!!

No help from customer service

My game is still crashed after weeks. I have done all the updates and I am still stuck in a tutorial. I sent an email to customer service over five days ago and I have gotten no help, I get the basic cookie-cutter response and no action. I have given my user ID twice and it has been days since anyone responded to the email. This game used to be fun but now don’t even bother wasting time on a download when you cannot get any help if needed and don’t waste your time on a game that always crashes.


I am on Moscow and am addicted to this game but I am rather upset that you took away our ability to hold more than 25 cupcakes at at time. Why did you remove that feature? Bring it back and I would love this more!

Latest Update Not Working

The update that was pushed through today stalls at 50% loading. Fix it, please. I certainly don’t want to start the game over. 😟

New update 2/20/2018

So I updated the game since it wouldn’t let me play without updating. I am playing and in order to serve a customer I have to have green sushi topping available and it’s not 😑😑😑. If I was able to put my screenshot I would.

Pretty decent cooking game

I’ve been enjoying this game for awhile. I’ve played through four restaurants so and this is the first cooking game I’ve played in a long time that isn’t impossible to beat without investing real money into upgrades. I HATE that when no matter how good you are at it the game was never designed to be beatable anyway! This so far hasn’t done that to me. A breath of fresh air really!

Game rocks!!

This game is so fun and I love the challenge. I’m passing this game’s levels like crazy. I don’t know why people are upset with the game- I think it’s because people just want to win easily but I’m working this and winning.

Liked at first

At first I was really addicted to this game. It was really fun to play and I played A LOT!!! However, once I went from NY to Paris, I realized that all of the coins I had accumulated did not transfer over. I could not purchase the things that I needed to in order to make the croissants etc. after spending $10 on spoons so I could buy extra customers etc. I realize that I just don't need to play this game anymore. You should be able to convert your money from New York to Paris or I guess to any of the other countries that you happen to be going..... I had just started on Paris....

Great game - needs better testing before updates

For one of the bigger game companies, I’m surprised at the latest updates being released without being properly tested. One completely prevented game operation and the ‘fix’ still dropped dozens of completed levels and achievements. Hoping they finally get this they did but only about 75%. I’m still playing because it’s great game play. Hoping for better testing next time.

Issue — Game will not load

Hit start it goes to game then right back to start screen over and over. Tried deleting and reinstalling, turned phone off. Nothing has helped!

Need to use lives and money early

The game is solid in concept but the need for you to use free resources early on is very apparent. Once you use those up, you need to spend money to get them. Its not about playing well but how much you spend to get the boosts to complete the stages.

Like the game, but ....

I enjoy the game, but it's constantly cuts off! You can't advance without spending money. The game should be easier to play and not so frustrating. I'm considering deleting the game. I'm that frustrated! Please fix.

Spend $ or don’t pass.

This was a fantastic game at the start. You set up a little restaurant and as you make money you pay for upgrades so you can feed more people at once. But the farther you go in the game, the more you realize it is set up for you to lose. There is no way to win even with boosts, unless you spend money to get spoons for more customers. I don’t mind spending some money on a good game, but this is ridiculous. From the start of the game, it is fun and fast-paced and fairly well designed. There are a couple of game issues, like double tapping something you intended for a customer so it actually goes to the trash, and the game decides who gets the order so sometimes a customer who just came gets the order I made for someone else and then the first customer gets angry. I can live with all that. I like a game that I know if I practice and get better and with a little luck I have a chance of winning. This one isn’t designed that way. Unless you buy spoons, you can’t pass some levels. PS I started reading reviews after I wrote mine. This game has 4.4 stars because even when you give a negative review, you give it a good rating. What?! If you want the game designers to change the game, you have to cut into their bottom line. This is a business that makes money, not just a game for the joy of making us happy. If we want change, we give low ratings so other people won’t buy the game. Then when it cuts into their bottom line, they might make changes. Most people look at the overall rating and don’t read the reviews. So 4.4 stars says this is an awesome game, not a game I’m quitting because it is designed to force me to spend money.

Update of update does not work

Game still starts from the very first restaurant of the very first location. And I’m unable to get past serving the first donut. It forces me to frost and serve when it’s not what was ordered. Can’t get past that screen at all. Need a new update. 2/20/18: Still not working even after emailing support. I’m being asked for an ID that I can’t access because I’m being thrown into a tutorial screen that I can’t get out of. Anyone working on an update?

Fun but restricted

This game is a fun game but some levels are made where you won’t win no matter what you do because the “extra” people you buy with your spoons won’t order much so it won’t allow you to get your money. It can be super frustrating, but it is a fun game. Also not allowing coins to role over to the next map is a big pain and very inconvenient

Fun game, to bad

Fun game, but it freezes a lot then crashes. Not worth the download

After the New Update

So mad that after I updated it.. I can’t collect more cupcakes. Max 5. To be able to collect more I have to use up 5 of them. Also some level are imposible to pass unless u use your spoons to add extra time or customers. Hope they bring it back to the old version for the cupcakes.


Très bien

Food court ploy

So I see you have brought the food court back but this time the oven doesn't even work. I mean how can I even achieve anything if its buggy. And this has not been the first time when you have “special” games within and everything doesn’t work! And furthermore you will never complete it without spending a bunch of money on boosts. That for me is NOT fun.


Good game! Challenging!


I liked playing the game but when I updated the game I lost my progress I was on. I was at the end of the Athens city when it did that update and now I am stuck at the beginning of New York levels.

Starts out great But....

This game starts out great. Really fun. But as you travel to new countries, you realize that there are levels you cannot beat with have to spend money to buy spoons to buy 30 extra seconds and/or 3 customers. None of the so-called dazzlers will help you get past these levels. So the strategy is... play only the first level of each circle. Save the remaining levels for when you need to add more free spoons to your stash. I will play this game for only a short time longer. I find it quite frustrating that I can't win a level on skill alone, that the level is fixed to require me to spend my cash!

New food court not working

Hi, New game for food court is not working. When i click or touch on oven it doesn’t work and leads to not fulfilling the goal and looses chance. Please fix it asap.

Recent update

Up until this last update everything was fine. Now anytime I don’t pass a level it doesn’t close out and go back to the map. I have to close the game.

Amazing game

I love this game so far I have played it a few days and I love it! I love time management games and this one ads in lives and other challenges to. This game is addicting!

Started fun, but too hard to continue

Don't play games when I have to use real money to advance. Games not that fun. And suddenly, it was decided to make it even harder to play by adding the combo levels. And now you can only have 25 cupcakes at a time... why!!! Really annoyed.

Hate the new updates

With the new updates (limits on cupcakes, difficulty increase), progressing in the game is near impossible (for me, at least. FYI, I’m in Tokyo). The levels were made much harder and the cost for upgrades escalated. But maybe that’s the point to incent monetization. I used to have a chance at the mini-games and now I can’t make it past the second seating. Too bad. Loved this game.


I can’t open my game after update 🤧😡


Always cheating 😡😡


This is my favorite game to play everyday. I cannot stop playing since all my heart gone. One thing I wish all the money from other countries were transfer to new country while I need it to buy material. I hope they can update this idea. I always love it but always being patience until I get alive ❤️☺️ I am level 60 in Rome! What crazy game ever? 🤪

Love it 😍

This game is so addicting and fun! It’s easy to win and is better than cooking fever to me. What do you guys think? I think it’s better than cooking fever because it’s easy to win and doesn’t rush you that much love this game it’s free so buy it!

Do not play this game

With the changes they have made it is impossible to pass the levels. You can use multiple helps and you still do not pass. In addition they need to let you use your coins from the different cities to buy the helps or convert to the other cities currency. I am so frustrated with this game that I no longer play. It used to be fun but not so much anymore.




I don’t know why now you could only collect 25 cupcakes. I love this game but not happy with that.


It’s pay to progress

I love the game but....

It was working fine now it keeps freezing if I lose the game and won’t go to the main screen 🤦🏽‍♀️ and I have to keep clicking out the game and refreshing it.


The new update has a glitch and I’m seconds away from deleting this app if the urgency of fixing it is not sooner than later

Preview prior to challenges!

I love this game and what it has to offer but the only downfall to me, and the reasoning for the 3 star rating is because I really wish the creators would allow us a preview of what the challenges are! We have not yet cooked with these food items and putting the meals together is quite frustrating especially because I know I’m fast. If you could give us the preview, I would love this game even more! Bri


I used to love this game and actually spent actual money on it because of how often it is updated and the potential for unlimited restaurants for continuous game play. However, it is now more frustrating than fun even with the updates. As a player, you had access to an unlimited number of cupcakes to give to the customers to keep them from leaving. Now you can only have up to 25 cupcakes at a time. The greed of the developers are apparent in this scheme. The game also now freezes and you lose a heart when you reopen the app. This has gone on for a month now. Furthermore, the person that is in need of the cupcake doesn’t get it which forces them to leave. Sometimes this means losing the level altogether. This game will now go in the folder of all the other games I used to play and when the developers decide to fix these issues maybe I will give this game another try.


I’ve been playing this game and love the pace and I nearly made it though all of the levels. The game crashed and now my progress is lost and my app is stuck on the tutorial on how to collect cupcakes. This was after I purchased spoons!

Was a Great game until the update broke it

I was all the way up to Tokyo when the last update brought me back to the first donut making trainer screen and just stays there?!?!? What happened? I've already tried all the fixes but it still won't work? Please fix this ASAP! And don't let me lose my progress. Thanks!

They know how to make money!

This game is sly! at some level it is impossible for you to win without purchasing the spoons!!

Money Grubbing Developers

Have to pay to play this game. Rigged!

Won’t load

I have played this game for quite a while and enjoyed it, but on the last few days I have not been able to get it to load. Hoping a fix is on the way!!!

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